Return to Those Mint Julep Cupcakes for the Kentucky Derby!

I've had a very interesting week that I can't tell you about yet...lots of interesting things are happening but I can't discuss them yet...but they could be really cool!

So, back to cupcakes...May 5th is my Mom's birthday...Happy Early Birthday, Ma!

These cupcakes are for the Kentucky Derby. They are from the new Cupcakes Galore book. The frosting is different than any I've made before but was fun to do, and in the end, worked out well. The frosting has Mint Julep in it and the cupcake recipe called for bourbon! Wee's going to be some party...I mean race!

Go Horses!


p.m. Don't forget the champagne!


  1. The straws are such a cute touch.

  2. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Those cupcakes look fabulous.

    Wow, his name is Camden? My 4 year old is named Camden.


  3. Love it! Cupcakes based on cocktails are a fav of mine right now. I have been dreaming of a "Blue Hawaii" cupcake for the past week, and hope to bring it to reality this weekend!

  4. Anonymous3:00 PM

    I've been to the Kentucky Derby, and I think the juleps are gawd-awful. Not what I had in mind. But I bet the cupcakes are yummy. Sure are cute--like the liners, too.

  5. Surcie: You are right...they aren't my idea of a great drink either! But I thought these looked so cute and the timing was right. She (Gail Wagman) makes frosting for this one different than I've ever done before...very melt a lot of stuff and the let it cool to the point that it spreads easily over the cupcakes...usually 2 hours cooling or you put the bowl in a pot of cold water...which is what I did...and it's ready to rock in about 15 minutes. The experience was worth it...and my Mom thought they were cool...there's also fresh mint in the batter. The frosting is made with white chocolate and creme de menthe (sp)??

  6. Anonymous8:03 PM

    This thing you can't talk about? Hmm, I'll guess: either a book or a movie!

    Oh, the suspense...

  7. Anonymous10:37 AM

    A movie! I never thought of that. That would be a first, wouldn't it?

    I'd like to offer another guess. You've been invited to demonstrate all thinks cupcakey on Miz Martha's tv show? If not, they need to hop to it.

    Hey, CQ, you gotta look at my new blog design!

  8. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Your cupcakes looks fabulous! I love your posts as well, too bad I cannot sink my teeth into your lovely creations. I would like to add you to my blogroll on my Kids in the kitchen FOOD & COOKING page.

  9. I want the receipe! Please? Those look REALLY good.

  10. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Hi. How do you make the tops of your cup cake flat? Every time I make them they end up round on top, like a muffin.

  11. Anonymous10:32 AM

    care to share the recipe?

  12. I would love to be able to make these for a party on Saturday that I am going to!! I am with Janet care to share how I would do that?? Anyway they look wonderful!! Have a great day.

  13. thanks for sharing! i would just like to let you know that you have been featured today on my cupcake blog :). congratulations!

    thanks for sharing your creative mind and talent~

  14. Anonymous9:24 PM

    thanks for sharing and inspiring

  15. This note isn't about your most recent entry - mint juleps, but I couldn't find another way to contact you. I made the Billy's chocolate frosting last night and it came out like chocolate soup - so much butter and so little sugar. Is this right? I thought that maybe the butter should be 2 sticks. I had to add tons of Conf. sugar to be able to decorate with it. What was your experience with it? I noticed some positive comments under that entry, so figure I must be doing something wrong!!

  16. The two best things in life combined! Mint juleps and cupcakes!

  17. I got the answer to the question about the chocolate buttercream frosting. Martha Stewart also has the recipe on her site and it calls for 1 T less milk and for 5 cups conf. sugar. Hope this one comes out better!! Someone also suggested putting some cocoa powder in with the sugar. Mmmmmmm

  18. I just came across your blog through BlogHer and wanted to leave you a quick comment telling you how delicious these cupcakes look!! You are so creative!! I love cupcakes and will surely have to start following your blog.