My New Uggs: Tattooed with a Cupcake!

Last winter I really wanted a pair of Uggs...I have a pair of Uggs slippers that Layla tried to chew up and they are still so cozy. But I didn't buy the Uggs last winter. So, when I was in Nordstom's in Montgomery Mall (newly named Westfield Mall but everyone still calls it Montgomery Mall) a couple of weeks ago...I got the Ugg's Bugg and decide to bite the bullet and get a pair!

I decided on a pair of "classic" short Uggs in Chestnut. The sales person told me that I could get a tattoo for my new friends...a promotion that day meant the tattoo was I went over to the table and met the artist Phill...Nordstrom's commissioned him to customize the UGGs they sell. Phill sometimes sits in the Nordstrom shoe department for seven or eight hours. He uses Prisma Color pens, up to twelve takes him 30 minutes to two hours to decorate a pair of boots, depending on the design. And, he's very cute!

So I asked him if he could do me a cupcake and he said yes! I haven't worn them yet ... it's still pretty warm here in D.C....hopefully, it will get cold soon so that I can wear my cupcake UGGS! If you go to Nordstroms to get your new UGGS and see Phill, tell him the Cupcake Queen says Hey!

Now go Rock on,



  1. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Those are seriously stylin'! Go on with your bad self, lol! I love reading your page!

  2. Anonymous12:39 PM

    That is just the coolest thing ever!a

  3. Anonymous1:51 PM

    I LOVE that tattoo! It's awesome!

  4. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Wow! Your new Uggs rock!!

  5. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Awesome Uggs. Now I wanna get mine customized.

  6. ohmygosh.. those are amazing. p.s. i love your blog :)

  7. That is cool! I want a pair for my birthday!

  8. Anonymous11:04 AM

    you're outta control babe, way gone.

  9. Anonymous2:17 AM

    Love them!

  10. Anonymous11:20 AM

    That is so cool! :D

  11. Anonymous10:21 AM

    how much are tattoos usually? since you got urs free?