Call me crazy, but, YES...this is a contest for one TMX Elmo. And...of course...there's a story before you get to the contest! Here goes: I get home from work the other day and see a rather large box on my front proch...hmmm...can't remember ordering anything lately...look at it, and, yes, it's addressed to me! I take it inside and open the mail and then come back to the box. I still can't remember what I might have ordered! I open it up and then it all comes back!

At least two months ago...maybe more...I was frantically looking for Tickle Me Elmo, Extreme...everywhere and none were to be had! I happened onto the Fisher Price web site at some point and they actually had a preorder form for them...one to a person...to be delivered sometime in February! I filled it out quickly and then totally forgot about it.

Christmas comes, and I actually got one for Christmas from my lovely...and crazy...sister! So, I forgot about that other Elmo even more. And that's who was in the box that appeared on my doorstep the other day!

I thought it would be so cool to have another contest...so this little Elmo...who hasn't even been unpacked yet is up for grabs to all you cupcake lovers!

This is how it's going to work.

To get qualify to get in the drawing for the "I WANT TMX ELMO" contest you MUST do two things.

First you MUST make only one comment on the blog about why you think you need TMX ELMO.


Second, you MUST email me including your email address at 52cupcakes@gmail.com, putting the words "TMX ELMO" in the subject line. I'm doing it this way so that we don't have too many multiple entries from the same person.

Remember, you can't just do one or the other.
The winner will be picked from a large hat by a blindfolded person.

The contest begins 12:00 a.m. (est), Friday, Feb. 9th, and ends at 6:00 a.m. (est), Friday, Feb. 16.

The winner will be announced around noon on Friday, Feb. 16th.

In case you haven't seen Tickle Me Elmo...here's a link to a cute video of him on YouTube.

Rock on!



  1. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Wowie! I had no idea cupcakes could be such a tangible yet transcendant artform! CupCake Queen you have that certain "Je ne sais quoi?" That mysterious combination of passionate joy and focused contemplation for your chosen form of meditation. The pics from your li'l sis' be-day celebration are fun rememberances---what wonderful girlpower we all exude! I guess I'll have to write another comment tomorrow in order to qualify for the "Tickle Me Elmo" contest...sigh...I suppose I'll be able to come up with something...Keep on CupCaking 'cause no one can do it like you can CupCakeQueen!

  2. How cool! Well, I would like the TMX Elmo for my daughter, who, at age (almost) 7 years old, still loves Elmo to this day! :)

  3. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Yet another great suprise from your awesome site! As if the great cupcakes weren't enough.
    I'd like to win the Elmo for my niece. She is a special needs child who connects with toys like this.

  4. I have this friend who makes me laugh. We chat late at night and he makes up funny abbreviations to crack me up. He would love Elmo TMX because he keeps that child-like side of him close to him.

  5. I donate clothing,toys and necessities to people who are less fortunate than myself. I would love to be able to give this to one of those families,if i were to win it! I also run a daycare from my home, he would be a cute addition.I would have to decide what to do with him.I think a raffle from the site I moderate would be cool, let someone win it! So many decisions! I hear they are making a tmx cookie monster and tmx some other character but they wont be as expensive as elmo was.I watched that video when he first came out and thought it was the funniest thing! You gotta have a sense of humor!!!

  6. Would love to re-gift your Elmo to my dear sister. She is known as "Elmo" to her grandchildren.

  7. Anonymous9:45 AM

    I would love the TMX Elmo for my boys, almost 1 and 3. They belly laughed so hard after seeing it! Is there anything better than your child's belly laugh?? Your cupcakes are always so beautiful, by the way, and Layla is one lucky dog!!

  8. Anonymous10:49 AM

    "Why I want the official Red Ryder carbine action two hundred shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time"...whoops--wrong essay!

    Why I want the Red Tickle Me Elmo Extreme that does all that cool stuff...

    I am going to celebrate a be-day on February 17th and believe me it's a definite mile marker. I would love for Elmo to help me celebrate my special day and then I'd like to give him away to an as yet undefined worthy cause.

    Elmo is a smile
    Elmo is a laugh
    He helps me feel like a whole
    and not like a half
    He makes me want to sing
    in notes of love and joy
    He's more than an idea
    He's more than a toy
    The spirit of life is he
    To not just do something
    but to also just be
    Heaven on earth
    just to hug his little girth
    To hear his sweet expression
    Me Elmo! Me Elmo!
    There can be no question
    Elmo me!...Elmo me!
    My love for him is so vast
    that from your hands to mine
    he must be passed!

  9. Anonymous2:28 PM

    I would love the TMX Elmo for my son's birthday.

  10. Okay, I only assume that my visiting your site for the first time ever and discovering a contest to win Elmo was just "meant to be." My nineteen-month-old daughter just recently connected the Elmo character on her diaper and the Elmo character on Sesame street (she had never seen Sesame Street until a few days ago). Now she's constantly bring me her diapers to show me Elmo. SHE WOULD LOVE ONE!!

  11. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Hi. I have been a big fan of your blog and thank you for organize such a wonderful contest.

    If I can have the Elmo, I will give it to my son(1yr and 3 months old) as a gift (but from his grand parents who live in France). Actually, they sent him two boxes of presents for last Christmas, but these presents seem to have gone somewhere... According to French post office, it's quite well known that those who take of sending out boxes just steal some to use as "their gifts" to their families... It is such a surprising and unfortunate reality...

    My son loves music and will definitely love the Elmo. And it will be a great surprise also to his grand parents. ;-)

    Thank you,

    Yuriko from Seattle

  12. I'm a preschool photographer out here in Detroit, and we're always looking for new, fun toys to help make kids smile. So the TMX Elmo would be helping to capture hundreds of children's smiles every week.
    Love the blog!!
    Emily S

  13. I would love the TMX Elmo because my toddler son would be so happy to have him. He loves Elmo but his dad (AKA, Scrooge) hates Elmo. He vetoed any and all Elmo toys, much to the boy's disappointment. He also hates Barney. Are you giving away any Barney items? The boy would love that too.

  14. Anonymous8:06 AM

    My twin three-year olds would do their own back flips for a TMX Elmo. They love the silly little red guy, can sing his "La La La La" theme song in a perfect little red monster voice and do a pretty mean Elmo giggle as well!

    What a generous contest!

    Kristi Tolman

  15. I just love reading about your cupcakes, and have loved the recipes I've tried. Now you're giving away Elmo, too??? Wow! The only other thing I could ask for is to be able to reach my toes again, since I'm six months pregnant and HUGE. I would love for the new baby to be able to give Elmo to her big sister when she's born. Katherine would love getting a little sister AND a TMX Elmo the same day!

    Keep those posts coming. I love them!

    Jenn =)

  16. Anonymous11:29 AM

    I Would please like to be in the contest

  17. Gee, I hope my comment doesn't have to be too creative, since all I can think of to say is that my 17-month old is mesmerized by Elmo every time he's on TV and my 4 1/2 year old is very silly and would love the giggling. :) Thanks for this cool giveaway!

  18. My 2 year old son is currently in therapy because he can't talk except for 2 or 3 words he saw elmo on tv one day and said Elmo so I know he would absolutely adore this and maybe just maybe it can help him with his speech he's such a sweet boy and to hear him talk is like music to my ears I enjoy every precious word I get to hear!

  19. Anonymous11:50 PM

    I'm celebrating this year... I'll be 15 years cancer free. Many people thought last year would be a bigger deal for me as I turned 30. I didn't have the usual cake or party. I was recoving from my mom's cancer diagnosis. This year she celebrates her first and I my 15th year cancer free. As for Elmo... my mom loves to see me laugh... and Elmo does it for me every time. We're a great pair she and I, not because we have survived, but because we've learned to thrive. Cancer can undo a lot of things... our spirits is not one of them. Many thanks for your generosity of spirit.

  20. Anonymous4:39 AM

    Well... I love cupcakes... and I ran across your site while looking up cupcakes when I should be working while my dear husband is playing with our daughter who turns one on March 2nd. I don't think I can compete with all these other wonderful reasons, but I know for a while my husband was getting up at 4 am to try and order one on the web. No luck... but maybe now? Wouldn't he be surprised that I was able to get one! In any case, there will be cupcakes at her birthday party!


  21. I want it, I want it, I want it.




    I don't need it for a child, (disabled or otherwise), my byfriend (haven't got one), my granny (she'd think i was mad) or anyone/anything else.

    I'm selfish... he's gorgeous...



    Laura ;0)

    PS. You inspired me to make carrot cupcakes this weekend and they were lovely but no where near as pretty as yours!

  22. i need Elmo because I used to be Chloe the fish and my ex boyfriend was Elmo the funny tickler. He'd drew me a drawing of Elmo looking at Chloe in the aquarium and tell me how much he missed me. it was sweet.

    but he has since passed on due to cancer...

    this valentine, Elmo would be a substitute to the bygone days...

  23. That Elmo is so cute! I'd love to have it!

  24. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Man, I don't have any hospitalized children, but I'd love to be entered anyway :) It would probably go to my little niece in Buffalo, NY! (dickanderica.blogspot.com)

  25. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Would love the tickle me elmo for my son, he is sesame street crazy and we couldn't find one anywhere around here!



  26. OK, I have no other reason for seeking out that TMX Elmo, except that my daughter, Lucy, will be 2 in March. She has this "thing" for things that sing or dance or laugh or behave human-like. The girl digs that stuff. 2 goes with TMX Elmo like cupckes with frosting!

    From what I've read in other comments, my reason is not so generous, but I thought I'd submit my comment anyway. I think you have a fun idea... but hey - anyone so keen on cupcakes would come up with such a fun idea :)

  27. Oooooh, I would love to say that I need a TMX Elmo for a treasured niece or nephew. But actually, should I win one, I would need it all for me! I want more laughter in my way-too-serious life, and anything that crazy is bound to make me laugh a lot!
    Thanks for the chance!

  28. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Oh, I NEED the TMX Elmo for my office, because it is time for me to put away my singing snowman and my seasonal singing chicken! The three hundred students at my school think I am the coolest principal EVER because I have singing, laughing, jiggling toys to cheer them up when they are sad, discouraged, or naughty. My staff love the toys, too--they have become a part of our really wonderful school culture! TMX Elmo could be loved by ALL OF US! : )

  29. I've been sad the past few weeks and it would be nice to have someone to hug and sing to me.

  30. Anonymous7:12 PM

    How cute...my daughter would love ELMO...she was watching a SESAME STREET video today & ELMO is the only one she calls by name...she is almost 3...she is a tough cookie who is blind in her right eye, but not disabled!

  31. Anonymous8:36 PM

    I have 3 very young grandkids who know me as the "sick grandma" because I've been fighting a 3 yr. cancer battle. On days they visit me when I'm not able to get up to amuse them, I would LOVE to have Elmo on my nightstand so I could have him entertain us when they come to visit me:)
    Linda SS