SAM'S BIRTHDAY!!! We've Had Lots of Birthdays This Month!

We've had lots of birthdays this month....this one is for Samantha...she lives in Pittsburgh with her mom...Steffi...and her dad...Chris...and her sister...Ali. Sam and Ali's grand pop (my brother!) sent me this recipe. Just the opportunity I needed to use my Silly Cups that I got for Xmas! Happy Birthday, Sam! Your box is in the mail!

These cupcakes are called Italian Cream Cupcakes...they are loaded with butter and cream!

Layla...aka drooling least got a tiny taste of the frosting!

Have a great week!



  1. What a fun site! These cupcakes look yummy.


  2. LOL! I love that picture of Layla. Her saliva glands were overworking, eh?

  3. Is there a recipe for the Italian cream cupcakes? Drool.....

  4. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Hi there... your Italian cream cupcakes look delicious! I am wondering something, though. On the ones that don't have the nuts and coconut, what is the syrup-looking substance on them? It seems like a caramel or something but I can't tell. Could you tell me what it is or post it on your blog? I am so curious because it really makes the cupcake look perfect. Thank you! =)

  5. Anonymous1:29 AM

    Hi Cupcake Queen,

    I have heard about 'Peeps' (i'm in australia) and i was wondering if the bird shaped ones would be good to put on cupcakes? just an idea

    From, S

    PS your layla is the most gorgeous dog i've ever seen

  6. Anonymous1:00 PM

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  7. THANK YOU!! I was just coming on here to beg and plead for that recipe... they look SO delish!!

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  9. Recently discovered your blog! Love the nummy looking cupcakes and wondering where to find the recipes. Do you post them, or just make us drool?


  10. I'm drooling over these cupcakes. Incredible.