All You Need is Love...and a Few Cupcakes!

The kids went to a couple of weddings this in Binghamton, NY, and one on Amelia Island in Florida...this inspired me to look into making some wedding cupcakes!

I found just the right one in A Baker's Field Guide to Cupcakes by Dede Wilson.

Then I added a bride throwing her bouquet to a small crowd while the groom looks on....

...and so does Layla!

All you need is love!



  1. these are fabulous!

  2. Anonymous2:18 AM

    Oh gosh Layla you are so cute!
    The edges on these pieces are just so perfect... Did you make the pearls & tux buttons yourself?
    The bouquet throwing is a great thought and personalises the Cuppies.

  3. OK, I am dying to know where you find ALL the cute little tiny people for your cupcakes. I have searched long and hard and have NEVER seen any this cute! Beautiful work, adorable pup.

  4. These are so great~ the pearls just kill me! I've seen the tuxedo strawberries but these are way cooler. Tempted to get remaried now... ;-)

  5. Anonymous8:19 AM

    These would make a unique wedding favor!

  6. these are so cute. congralitions

  7. Anonymous8:33 PM

    i need to get married again so i can have these cupcakes.

  8. Awe - that puppy would make a great bride!

  9. cupcakes even dance:

  10. Anonymous11:56 PM

    Hello! I´ve clicked thru some links and I ended up here, and I just have to comment on these adorable wedding cupcakes! I´m so jealous of all u people who can create these tiny masterpieces, I can hardly make pancakes that look like pancakes! :S
    Inspiring tho, I might learn some day :)
    And your(?) dog is adorable, what is she? Am.bulldog/boxer/apbt?

  11. Anonymous8:21 PM

    I love these cupcakes!!! So cute!

  12. How did you do those cupcakes? Did you ice them with fondant? They are perfect. I am doing a shower in feb. and I would love some tips on how to make something like this. Please give me your wisdom....

  13. I'm with Hannah... I can't bake a thing :) I even have a tough time with packaged Duncan Hines (haha).

    I'm TOTALLY loving these.... Those hearts and little tuxedo-designed cupcakes are amazing!!!