Week 23: Wellesley Fudge Cupcakes with Fudge Frosting

In 1898, two Wellesley graduates spotted an intriguing recipe for chocolate fudge cake in a Boston newspaper. Supposedly, they used Baker's baking chocolate for its unique richness. Apparently, Baker's had already been making fine chocolate for 135 years. The graduates made the cake for the Wellesley Tea Room. And this simple, incredibly fudgy cake has been famous ever since. The cupcakes, an offshoot of the famous cake, really do taste like fudge! I made them a bit smaller because I knew they would be very rich...which they are...so while this recipe is for a dozen, you actually can get 15 of them. They were easy to make and so was the frosting. The recipe is from Linda West Eckhardt's Cakes From Scratch in Half the Time.

The fun part was the "little people" decorating. I saw this idea on a french web site that is actually about artistic photography. It's called "minimiam." The site is all flash and very cool. I wanted to try this so I went to the local hobby store and started looking around for some "little people." I found the HO sized peeps and brought them home and the fun began!

However, the little people were very hard to photograph!

Download recipe: PDF