Donna Hay "Patty Cakes"

This photo is from Donna Hay's book called The New Cook. I may have mentioned that I only buy books that have cupcakes in them...I found a couple of cool recipes...and very nice this book so I bought it.

So, here's my question: Has anybody ever seen these cupcake liners anywhere? They look so cool and have some printing on them that you really can't read, but part of one word looks like ...cuits...which could be biscuits?? Then, there's the beginning of another word...bour...which could be bourbon?? Dunno. But, I was thinking that since Donna Hay is Australian-based, maybe someone from Australia could help me out. Also, are cupcakes called Patty Cakes?


  1. A whole blogg about cupcakes ....lady you are mental.....but i like you

  2. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Hi, I read your blog every few days. What an inspiration and understandable addiction/project you have embarked on here. So, I'm an we call them lots of different names from patty cakes to fairy cakes and finally, but not very often cupcakes. I'll see if I can find out the wording on the liners for you. Karen

  3. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Love your blog. I make lemon-vanilla cupcakes, used a small measuring spoon to scoop out a center piece (ate it, ate all 12) filled the hole with lemon curd, then frosted with a light cream cheese-lemon frosting.

    I use Sili-cup cupcake liners, have to be washed by hand...produce a great cupcake.

  4. ooh I do wonder about those papers myself!! The photo drew me in to read about them, hoping u had made them & would tell where u purchased the papers. Hopefully someone will provide the info & u'll be able to share with us

    good luck!! =)

  5. Anonymous10:31 PM

    After further investigation we don't have that book published here in Oz. Her latest offering is 'The Instant Cook' which I assume could be the same book re-named. Can you tell me what page the liners are on in your book. You've sent me on a mission now, you know!! Karen :-)

  6. Anonymous3:06 AM

    How strange - another Karen from Australia. Anyway, I have the Instant Cook and no cupcakes in there! I think you've got a different book completely - maybe a compendium of all her recipes?

    I'm a nut for collecting things to make cupcakes, and I have never seen those patty liners anywhere. But Donna Hay is a stylist so no doubt she dug them up from some very random corner of Australia. Maybe you could email one of her minions and ask?


  7. Anonymous3:52 AM

    Yes, I have contacted the Donna Hay staff before regarding items used in styling. You can email them on
    Best of luck..

  8. The book...the New Cook... says that it was published in Australia in 1997 by Murdoch Books. It was published in the US in 2003.

    The Patty Cake recipe under the "Butter and Baking" section and is on page 160 with the photo on the opposite page.

    I will email Donna Hay's staff and see what they say.

    It's so fun to hear from folks so far away and 2 Karens at that! Wow! That's awesome!

  9. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Where did you find the cupcake liner for your logo? I think its great!!!

  10. I'm an Aussie and I'm looking forward to seeing what response you get from the Donna Hay people. Those cupcake liners are cool!

    In the meantime, I'll be keeping an eye out in any kitchen gadget type shops that I pass!

  11. I LOVE your blog! Not only do you have me on a "must make cupcakes--SOON!" streak, but I love your idea of making it a "project". They say if you read three books on something, you can be considered an expert in that subject, so I'd say you are well on your way to your own cupcake cookbook!

    PS. And I'm crazy about the idea of striped and or polka dotted cupcake liners!

  12. I don't really agree, I think they are mostly known as cupcakes here in Australia as well.

  13. Anonymous8:02 PM

    be_zen8, I have to agree with you that we do call our cupcakes cupcakes, although they do register as fairy cakes, patty cakes etc. However, Australian cupcakes are a lot tinier (not muffin sized) and use different ingredients, making them lighter to eat. Meaning you can eat more!

    And also we use icing instead of frosting, with no sour cream or cream in it.

    Cupcake Queen, now that you mention it New Cook was Donna Hay's really famous book from ages ago (hence the 1997, I was a bit young then). She's pumped out a few more since then. Next time I see a bookstore I'll have a look!

    Kaz (karen no 2)

  14. still no answer from the donna hay people. maybe I'll try again with that.

  15. Anonymous11:16 PM

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  16. This is a great find! I didn't know that there were other cupcakers out there. Thank you.

  17. Yep, I have those cupcake/muffin liners. I bought them at Supply & Demand (an enormous homewares store) in Richmond, Melbourne. They're in the photo on my header. I recall they were really cheap, too - about $2 for 50. Mine say 'muffin' on them, however I've since run out. They were also veru durable and kept their shape better than others you buy.

    Fairy cakes are very small; what the British call patty-cakes. They're are about the size of the bowl of a dessert spoon. I use out patty/fairy cake tin to make pastry cases for little bite-size tartlet cases.
    In Australia we use regular-sized muffin tins to make cupcakes. At least, that what I (and mot recipe books) do. :-)

  18. Anonymous12:55 AM

    Hello... Im from Sydney, Australia and I have that Donna Hay cookbook with the picture of those patty cakes. If anyone wants to know they are in a Marie Claire compilation book called 'Cooking' by Donna Hay published by Murdoch books in 1997.

    You can also find those types of liners at a shop called HOUSE. Thats where I saw them just recently. Very cute

    I love your blog by the way. I tried making the vanilla cupcakes from Magnolia and they were a hit! Thanks

  19. niki and jenjen: thanks for the info. If you ever see those liners buy me some and I'll pay you and for the shipping too. We never have anything like those over here! But, I have always wanted to go to I have another really great reason to go!

  20. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Dear Cupcake Queen
    I can help you with your inquiry
    if you want to email me at
    The Cupcake Queen of Australia!!

  21. Dear Cupcake Queen, Found your blog as I was navigating for some new printed cupcake lines. Found your site interesting since I make FAKE cupcakes ( NON EDIBLE) very pretty to look at. Sell on ebay under fake food, and am in the process of setting up my blog to display pics of my creations. Always looking to create another cupcake!

  22. Oh by the way if anyone wants to email me at can send pic until I get my blog set up. New to the blog.

  23. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I haven't seen those anywhere & I have a cupcake business & have looked everywhere for cases. I think they may be company stock or custom made...
    good luck as I've found it very difficult to get anything cupcake until the last year or so!

  24. Anonymous12:38 AM

    I have seen the same cupcake liners sold here in Australia with the words MUFFIN, or BISCUIT, or FRIAND.

  25. I love Donna Hay! These cupcakes look delicious!

  26. Anonymous6:13 PM

    hi, i have just ordered the cutest cupcake molds a set of four made of silicone, bright colours with little feet. they are currently on sale for $10 for a set of 4 from peters of kensington (sydney). this store has an excellent mail order service which i have used many times.

  27. Anonymous5:04 AM

    Growing up in the 70's in Australia, I remember they were always called patty cakes at school, in shops, & in my family. I knew of the word 'cup cakes' from American tv programmes, but I never heard anyone use it. Nowadays since Australia has become more Americanised, I hear lots of people say cupcakes. Also a lot of people calling biscuits, 'cookies'. I suppose that's the power of tv. I still call them patty cakes, but whatever you call them, they're delicious!