Happy Terp or Sad Terp??

This is the LARGE question of the day....Will I be a Happy Terp or a Sad Terp tonight after Maryland plays Georgia Tech in the first round of the ACC Tournament? Will we win? Will we make it to the NCAA's? This is almost as important to me as my cupcakes!

I can't help it...I love Maryland basketball...even when they are losers. But, I don't talk about the losing part...just go into denial. In fact, if we lose, I'll just ignore this post tomorrow...pretend it isn't here. I allow only for happy or sad. I turn on every tv in our house to the game just in case I have to move around....I really concentrate on the game and would rather watch it on tv (sometimes I put a chair right in front of the tv) so that I can REALLY concentrate. If I start yelling at the tv...or start cheering too loud, Layla runs and hides. She doesn't get basketball...or football for that matter. But, she is cute!

And, I heart Gary Williams. Lucky for me that I don't have any cupcake bets on this game...I'd be too nervous to bake! FEAR THE TURTLE!...know what I mean?

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