Birthday Coming Up? It's Cupcake Shopping Time, Again!

I know you know how I love cupcakes...and shopping...that's understood between us, right? Well, when I got home tonight, I switched on the tv to watch the news (btw, I'm also a news junky) and Comcast was down and out...grrrr....that actually rarely happens...but what's cool is that it gave me time to do some serious surfing for cupcake junk...I didn't just say that, did I?? I meant stuff, a lot of stuff, in fact, I found more than 60 pages of cupcake items on froogle...some were repeats yes, but WOW...what a lot of that junk...However, I was able to pick out a few things that peaked my cupcake imagination (see skull cupcakes below)....So, let's have a go at these lovely cupcake items! I put my favorites first and last....And, oh yeah...the quoted descriptions of each item are from the seller's web site.
Juicy Couture Cupcake logo V-neck T-shirt (White) "V-neck T-shirt Top With Black 'JUICY CUPCAKE' Logo Embroidered" Cost: $29.99
"Miso Pretty Iced Cupcake Lip Gloss "from Blue Q delivers speedy shine fast with sparkling Cupcake flavour" Cost: $11.95
Cupcake Wonder Wallet "The Wonder Wallet will help you get organized! Zippered section for money and change, two sections for checkbooks, receipts, etc., and 6 clear pockets for cards. Snaps shut with a contrasting tab. All wallets are made of high quality, non-leather, waterproof vinyl. All Queen Bee items are made by hand in our Portland, Oregon studio. Dark Brown Wallet with pink frosting, red cherry, white stitching and cream snap tab." Cost: $32.00
Cupcake Layered Stickers "Rainbow collection. Each sticker is approximately 1.5 x 2" Cost $2.53
Cupcake Holder/Trivet Cost: $34.99

Cupcake Sandwich Bag "Cupcake Sandwich Size - Heavy duty designer zip-seal bags. 20 Heavy Gauge Designer storage bags in a box. Not recommended for use in microwave or for storage of liquids. Great for beach days, camp days, all looks better in MOBI. Wonderful bag for party treats!! " Price: $4.99
Cupcake Gift Bag "Our die cut cupcake bag is perfect for kids' parties or anyone with an insatiable sweet tooth. C'mon, stop fooling yourself --we know you can't eat just one! Stock this baby for a day of cupcake arts and crafts; include edible colored candies, foil muffin cups, a mini-muffin pan and mom's recipe. You'll make someone's day just a little bit sweeter. Small: 6" long by 7" wide by 3.38" deep." Cost: $5.00
18" Cupcake Piñata Cost: 15.99
Cupcake Goody Bags "These adorable felt goody bags are perfect for baby's first birthday party. Fill them with sweet treats and mementoes of the occasion. Kids will love using the bag for treasures long after the party's over." Cost: $4.95, 5/$21.95, 10/$39.95
Smart Snacks® Sorting Shapes Cupcakes"Great for developing fine motor skills and shape recognition, these six colorful 2-part cupcakes pull apart to reveal a hidden shape that fits tightly into the matching pan. Shapes include square, triangle, clover, half-moon and circle. Cupcakes measure 2.5" x 2.25"". Cost: $14.95
Skull Cupcake Pan "7 1/2" x 8 1/4" x 1 1/2" Metal Skull-Shaped Cupcake Pan. Makes 4 cupcakes. Non-stick. Dishwasher safe. Accessories not included." Cost: $5.95

I've just got to order this skull thing!

Now, get out there and shop!


  1. Anonymous3:50 AM

    I absolutely adore your blog and all the amazing cupcakes you've made! I've been baking some this week-end and it went really well. Made the Magnolia Bakery frosting on both chokolate chip cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes. Delicious!

    One thing that's a bit sad though, is that I live in Sweden and don't have the possibility to get all the strange American ingrediences that are in some recipes.

  2. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Cute stuff. I especially dig the wallet. Cherry on the top, just like on my blog.

  3. OMG! I need the skull cupcake pan!!! Too bad I live in Canada...