Chocolate Starbucks Espresso Cupcakes with Cappuccino Frosting

These cupcakes were such an adventure...I saw the recipe in Family Circle and I really liked the way they looked. But, I wanted to make a chocolate cupcake using a shot of Starbucks espresso so...of course...I HAD to go to Starbucks. I was going to meet my friend...Mr. Vinnie...there, but on the way I thought it would be cool for us to have breakfast at the Silver Diner...which BTW was awesome! But, I still HAD to go to Starbucks...which really is never a chore for me...I love the Starbucks!
I brought home the espresso shot and began to make the cupcakes...which turned out great. A while later I was ready to make the frosting and realized that I needed to head back to Starbucks for a Cappuccino...poor me (smile)...Back home poured the cap into the frosting and it made the nicest creamy coffee colored frosting. Topped it with a chocolate covered espresso bean...from Starbucks...of course!
Layla hung out with me in the kitchen during the entire cupcake process...she's such a champ! Then she patiently poses for me in front of the cupcakes...this time her tongue tried to come out just a bit...I just had to give her a taste of the frosting...I know, I know...I'm bad to the bone!

This photo will officially introduce everyone to Nigel...our baby French Bulldog...he doesn't really know what the heck a cupcake is yet but he sat still long enough me for to get this photo...I"m sure you'll be seeing more of Nigel...aka Devil Dog...
Rock On!



  1. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Those look heavenly! Cupcakes and Starbucks together...doesn't get much better than that!

  2. Oh boy!! It's always so dangerous to come to your site. I always fall madly in love with a cupcake and spend hours dreaming about them!!! THOSE CUPCAKES ROCK!

  3. Nigel is a CUTIE! Ahhh! Be still my heart! And Layla as always is adorable! :)

    I wonder if this type of cupcake could give me the same amount of caffiene I drink in a day? (About 2 cups!) Or more! Eee!

  4. Anonymous6:22 PM

    can you post the recipe for these? they look great.

  5. Anonymous5:16 AM

    I'm so agree with Sher. I like your blog a lot! Those sweet stuff make me so hungry always. I'm a new-baker and i really enjoyed baking. I hope to be good like you one day! Your dogs are adorable! I wish i have one! Hope to see more from you. Take care!

  6. Please post the recipe~if it's not too much trouble.

    My daughter would love these.

    Nigel is a cutie pie! :)

  7. Yummo! I can't wait to try this at my house.

    OT.. a few years ago (2005) you mailed your brother some cupcakes, the packaging was amazing. Can you trll me how you did that? It was a box wit dividers. Did they cupcake make it? My sister wants some cupcakes mailed to her, and your box seems to be the only one I can find that might make it. Thanks so much. :)

  8. Anonymous11:23 AM

    oh dear lord, you put together coffee, chocolate AND cupcakes into one glorious creation. if i promise to sign your praises, will you post the recipe?

  9. Anonymous11:24 AM

    oops! i mean sing your praises. see? I'm all flustered now.

  10. *sigh*...
    you finally did it-the perfect cupcake!

  11. Anonymous9:17 AM

    I like the layered-liners look!

    (Alliteration completely unintentional.)

  12. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I just made a Sweet Espresso Cake the other day, I am looking at yours and wishing I would have added chocolate...mmmm coffee

  13. Oh yes, they look far too delicious....

  14. those cupcakes look out-of-this-world! I wish i had some with my coffee this morning.

    random side note: did you know some guy in one of the carolina's I believe, actually found a way to put caffeine into baked goods (2 cups of coffee worth) and is pitching the idea to places like s-bux, krispy kreme, and dunkin' doughnuts!?

  15. Anonymous6:56 PM

    i've made something similar but incorporated starbucks liquer. :-)

  16. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Please Please post the recipe

  17. What a fantastic cupcake!