Happy Moo Year!

Yes...it's a Happy Moo Year so far, isn't it? We are looking forward to a great year! More cupcakes and more frosting! Over the holiday, our family had really fantastic news. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer early in November. She had the lump removed but one of her lymph nodes was malignant. We anxiously waited for the results of her PET scan and just before Christmas, the doctor said it looked like everything was clear now. She's beginning radiation tomorrow, but everything is looking brighter, and she's doing fantastic! What a great Christmas present that was!

These cupcakes are devils food (cake mix). I added a 1/4 cup of mayonaise and a cup of mini chocolate chips to the batter, but other wise I followed the box recipe.

The frosting is is from Clare Crespo's Hey There, Cupcake! book. It is her vanilla buttercream frosting. I split the frosting into two bowls...one for the green frosting and one for the men&work cupcake (see below). I wanted to make it a mocha (moo-cha) flavor, so first I added some of Starbucks Cream Liqueur...that flavor was right but the color was still too white for the men@work cupcakes...so then I added Starbucks Coffee Liqueur...the taste was still great but the color didn't change. So my last resort was the mix up a tiny amount of espresso instant coffee with a little hot water. That was the ticket....I got a nice almost maple color and excellent mocha taste! The cow frosting was easy...I just made it green!

The decorating was just plain cow fun! Have you herd the one about....I've been reading cow jokes all day...

Here is a shot of the other cupcake I was working on...men@work makin' cupcakes! You can see more of my photos on my flickr account by clicking HERE.

n e waz...the Cupcake Queen hopes that you all enjoy a prosperous New Year 2007! Look for more "little" decorations this year. It's my next project!

Oh yeah...I forgot to tell you...hi ARAY...come by my office and see how Cupcake Queen SCORED the Tickle Me Elmo Boy from my very sweet sister, Robin...also known as Little Rotten Robin! Elmo is soooo funny!


  1. That is good news about your mother. I'm so sorry she is going through that though, but she will be in my thoughts. Please keep us posted on her.

    No more sweets for me for a while. I'm beginning a new regimen here! heheh. But those cupcakes are sure purdy!

    Ahhh not that TMX Elmo! I was actually looking at buying one for my nephew, til I heard they were $40 and selling out quick! Does Layla like him??

    Happy New Year to you guys! :)

  2. These are the cutest cupcakes.

  3. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Hi- Cute cupcakes - but I'm slightly confused. You said the frosting was a maple color after adding the espresso, but they look green to me!!

  4. You are right...I forgot about adding the photo of the men@work frostin' cupcake...see new addition!

  5. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Delish, as usual. Awesome photo, too!

    Glad to hear your mom has had some good news. (We went through the exact same thing with my MIL this Nov.) I hope she'll continue to do well.

  6. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Glad to hear the good news about your mom! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    That's it - the next batch of cupcakes I make, I'm so doing the double cupcake liners - they look FAB.

    And your photography is awesome - you should compile for a book.

  7. Happy Moo Year to you too. I was wondering, what kind of camera are you using? We just got an SLR thingie and I can't work it for the life of me.

    PS Thanks for the Christmas CD, I still have it playing in my car! :P

  8. Happy Moo Year!!
    How I wish I could live next to you. Get the smell of your baking often. mmmmm.... your cupcakes look so yummy!!!

  9. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Why oh why did I come across this blog? New Year's resolutions be damned! Now I have to find a wine that goes with cupcakes!

  10. cute cupcakes. please send my best wishes to your mum

  11. wow your cupcakes looks so yummy!!

    I'm a fan of cupcakes, but never baked them! hehe

  12. your family most LOVE you making all these deliciously dainty creations!