Yabba-Dabba Do! Nectarine Cupcakes with Hot Pink Frosting!

You would not believe the week the Cupcake Queen had LAST week! Work...work...work! So, last week there were no cupcakes. no cupcakes=bad :(....Here's the way it went: I was working no a video for the University of Maryland. Fun, yes...but very time-consuming. Monday was more work on the video. Tuesday we had a directors' retreat in Baltimore at a VERY FUN place called the "American Visionary Art Museum." Here's how cool it is: Have you heard of the Ace of Cakes? Well, Duff will be there on June 16th for an event they are having called: Home and Beast Feast! Here's the description: "A GALA EXTRAVAGANZA featuring Ace-of-Cakes Duff Goldman, Charm City's very own Homeboy and Food Network's #1 star! Yes, you can have your cake and eat it, too! Dress Country Chic & Comfortable. Beware of Roaming Cameras–you may be captured in an episode of "Ace of Cakes." Vittles by Charles Levine Caterers & Events. Country Music Dancing with a dash of Polka. Contact Katie: 410.244.1900 x238 or katie@avam.org."

Now that would be fun go to! Then, on Wednesday, I had signed up to go to a conference on campus called "The Disney Keys to Excellence". It was all day and was an awesome experience! If you ever get a chance to go to one of these...DO IT!

And, now we're (the royal we) back on a semi-regular schedule and we made cupcakes this weekend! All is right with the world! I had some nectarines and decided to use them in one of my yellow box cakemixes. So, I pureed a really ripe nectarine and added it to a cake mix, along with a box of vanilla instant pudding.

I did the same thing with the frosting (I used Billy's Vanilla Vanilla frosting recipe) and also added some La Grande Passion liqueur (which Layla, above, just loved...just kidding.... These cupcakes were very moist. They were a big hit at the office today and quickly disappeared! That makes us very happy! But, the best thing is that the cupcakes were pretty much right out of the box! I just added a couple of ingredients and a got a really cool cupcake!



p.s. hope you like Fred!


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    that sounds delicious!!

  2. Oh I have just found a new best friend. Am loving these cakes.

  3. Sounds yummy!

    I love all your cupcake ideas! They're great :-) I wish I could come up with things like this and make them taste good as well ;-)

  4. Ooh la la!!!! Layla looks sad- like "Just one bite? Please? Pretty please??"

  5. These look yummy!--as do most of what you make!And Layla always looks so cute with her 'starving' eyes.

  6. Hi There! I just finished a new 'Cupcake Queen' painting and thought you'd enjoy seeing it!
    Feel free to use the image.

  7. Delightful and yummy photos and yes I do like Fred, I will be back to visit again!

  8. These look great! so did you omit some of the liquid from the cake mix recipe to compensate for the pudding or nectarine? was it just the dry pudding or did you add the milk too? If you can't tell, i really want to make these!