N E Wayz: These Are Milky Wayz Cupcakes!

Before I discuss these lovely cupcakes, I must tell you about my week....Our office...at the University of Maryland...has been working on a six-month-long project to introduce the new School of Public Health (formerly the College of Health and Human Performance) here on campus. Finally, on Wednesday, the new school was officially launched, and we all went over for the big event. It was amazing! My colleague, Peggy, and I had spent the last week and a good part of the weekend moving the old web site over to the new web site, checking to be sure that everything was working right, and making the new site live! We designed the site new several weeks ago.

Then, last night we went to see Rhodessa Jones who was performing at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center on campus. I had met Rhodessa earlier this month at another event on campus and I worked in her web site about her Artist-In_Residence here for the month of September. She is such an amazing person (she's on the left) and I was so excited that we got tickets for her performance...all three nights are sold out! Check out her web site here: culturalodyssey.org/.

Okay...on to cupcakes...these are Milky Wayz cupcakes...made with melted Milky Ways bars! I made up the batter from a cupcake mix and while I was doing that I was melting a bag of little Milky Ways bar over a double boiler...running back and forth between the two processes...when the bars were stirred and melted, I dribbled the Milky Way ooze into the center of each cupcake!

Here is Layla checking out the cupcakes the next morning. She's so sleepy she didn't even try to lick them! Back to cupcakes: in the meantime, I had been freezing a couple of the bars and I got them out of the freezer after the cupcakes had cooled off. I made chocolate frosting and then shaved off some of the Milky Way bar to add to the top of the frosting....yummmmmmy! These tasted really good...the Milky Way ooze actually was chewy and crispy...it all fell to the bottom of the cupcake to form a delicious treat!

Hope you've had a great week!

Rock On! CQ


  1. Anonymous7:23 PM

    PMS is causing me to lick my screen.

  2. These look great. Now I'm really hungry.

  3. Great idea! Love your blog!

  4. You've outdone yourself!!


  5. Anonymous7:17 PM

    I love reading your posts! Happy 1st to Nigel!!! If you are ever in the DFW, Texas area you need to check out a cupcake shop called The Cupcake Cottage. A friend dragged me in on the very day they kicked in a pumpkin flavor. WOW! It was amazing. Still love my own creations best, but when in Rome (or Fort Worth)...

    Continue the fab site CQ!!


  6. These look extremely rich and extremely tasty. The frosting texture looks amazing.

  7. Hi CQ!! I'm a longtime lurker on your blog and love reading your posts. I especially love the photos of Layla when she's thisclose to your cuppycakes...she always looks so sweet and forlorn!

    Anyway, I'm opening a bakeshop in Plainsboro, NJ in the next few months and the whole look and feel is going to be "upscale retro", but with a very friendly, familiar vibe. I'm planning to hang photos of people eating cupcakes, moms from the 50s baking birthday cakes, etc. and I thought one of your pictures of Layla with a batch of cupcakes would be a perfect addition.

    It's completely up to you...don't feel bad about saying no. My email address is gigi.burton@gmail.com if you want more info before you decide.

  8. Great recipe, and as usual love Layla in the photo. Love your blog!

  9. I think I love you. candy bar + cupcake = genius!

  10. Those Milky Wayz cupcakes are fab-u-lous! I was fortunate enough to receive my very own cupcakes from the one-and-only Cupcake Queen! Thanks for mentioning me in your blog! :)

  11. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Your candy cupcakes look declious. When making candybar cupcakes, do you feel it's better to melt the candy first and then pour it in, or simply cut plop in a chunk like you did with the Babe Ruth ones? Just curious! Thanks

  12. Anonymous9:19 AM

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