Anne McDonough's Turner Hall Decorate Your Own Cupcake Birthday Party!

The first Monday of each month we have a birthday party for our colleagues born in that month...this month Anne McDonough (smiley person on far left) was the only birthday person! Margaret and I decided it would be fun to make it an interactive birthday party and have everyone decorate their own cupcakes!

We each made two dozen cupcakes...vanilla and chocolate...and brought in canned frosting...vanilla and chocolate....and toppings galore...and little doodads like toppers, funny cupcake things and the like.

The party was a huge success...the men were a bit intimated by the hubbub...but they eventually came in an grabbed an unadorned cupcake to eat!

The decorators were so creative....

In case you can't tell: this is called "Ode to Kitty Litter"....Everything is better when it's sparkly!

This party was so much fun and everyone was chatting away...and eating cupcakes! Happy Birthday, Anne!

CQ will be visiting France next week....ooh lala! We'll see what kind of cupcakes we find there!

Rock On!


  1. that sounds like so much fun!! what a great idea. all the cupcakes are beautiful.

  2. This looks like a blast! I'll bet children would love it!

  3. Hi CQ, I love your cupcake blog! I, too, am an avid lover of cupcakes. I have a baby blog about cupcakes and am trying to give it some oomph. I'd love to trade blogroll links with you. Check it out:
    Hope to hear back from you!

  4. What a fantastic idea!! I love this and wish I could do it at my work haha thanks for sharing :)

  5. oh my gosh! this looks so mouthwatering! jummy!

  6. What a cute idea! I wish we did this where I work! :)

  7. What a great idea for a birthday party. I love the decorate your own cupcake idea and will have to steal it for a future event! Thanks!

  8. Love the faces of the men in the background !!! Hahaha...

    Cupcake decorating party.... what a fab idea !

    Want to bake cupcakes now ! thanks for inspiration.

  9. Linda and Margaret are the best birthday party throwers ever. (Sorry, Mom). Thank you guys for a great time!

  10. What a Grand Idea! Love Cupcakes !

    Thanks for sharing :)

    And you can visit me if I can visit you!

    Join today our community and submit your recipe:)

  11. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Woah some of those cupcakes look like weapons but how fun and creative. Everyone really looked liek they enjoyed themselves. Maybe I should do that with my friends.