Check this out: University of Maryland is giving away two UMD Commemorative iPod Nanos!

Many of you know that I work at the University of Maryland....well UMD is giving away two UMD Commemorative iPod Nanos to celebrate their 25,000 plus Facebook fans!

To enter you must be a member of the UMD Facebook fan page. If you're not a member, join us now by going to the University of Maryland Facebook page (! Then, click on this link to fill out the contest entry form.


  1. oooh I just found your blog,I love it!!! I was googling "French Cup cakes" (I need to make some for Bastille Day) and somehow I found you. I can't wait to go home and try those Champagne Cup Cakes immediately!
    I think I will make these for our Bastille Day event, I made some flags to go on top the cup cakes (see and was looking for just the right recipe!
    sooo glad I found you..allthough I might not be when I can't fit into my jeans anymore!!!!
    PS.Layla is gorgeous!!!!

  2. Just found your blog, doing a recipe search for the best vanilla cupcakes in the world, and have to tell you, I am IN LOVE!! Not only does your background have the cool retro vibe going on, but all these amazing recipes as well! Have I died and gone to heaven? :)

  3. Great recipe...thanks for sharing....I really loved it....