Cupcake Queen Makes the Washington Post's Reliable Source!

The shop has a devoted following, and its Chocolate Ganache cupcake won The Washington Post's Cupcake War in 2008. But not everyone is a fan. "I've been to their store three times and I think their cupcakes are good, but I didn't feel like they're fantastic," said Linda Martin, author of the local 52 Cupcakes blog. "But they definitely created some sort of mystique."

Martin's favorites come from Baked & Wired, a bakery just blocks away from Georgetown Cupcake. Co-owner Teresa Velazquez, who opened her place in 2001, said she's never met the sisters but doesn't consider them rivals. "Our product is different than their product," she said. "Everyone has a different idea of what a cupcake should taste like."

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