Week 13: Blueberry Rose Cupcakes

This is a great summertime cupcake! The fresh blueberries and rose water give it an awesome flavor and the whipped cream is delicious! I was nervous about making the whipped cream, but it turned out to be pretty simple.

Ymmmm...And, I've already decided what I'm going to do next week: Gingerbread cupcakes with Caramel Glaze!

Recipe Downloads:


  1. I eagerly look forward each week to your choice for cupcake of the week, and I'm very pleased that you have been including the recipes for the past few weeks. One question--can you please post the recipe from Week 10, rather than just the book and page that it came from, since I don't have that book.

    Thanks so much--

  2. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Blueberry Bliss!

    Light, fluffy and just-enough sweet

  3. Anonymous5:34 PM

    I would never think of rosewater for cupcakes-- I know it is often used in Indian desserts.

  4. Anonymous11:13 AM

    The blueberry without a doubt has been my favorite thus far. I printed the recipe and plan to make some for my family. I agree with Blueberry Bliss. The texture is so light and fluffy.

    Thanks, Annie

  5. I made blueberry "party cakes" (ie cupcakes) for a friend's birthday recently since I wanted a light dessert (plus she loves blueberries). I TOTALLY got tricked, as they turned out to be blueberry muffins. I wish I had known about your blog for her birthday. Although, the partycakes and recipe betrayal did make a good story

  6. they look DIVINE.

    tonight, i'm going to try out some flourless, molted-center cupcakes with toffee butter icing.

    pretty adventurous for my first go.

  7. Yum yum. The whipped cream frosting on these was the best I've ever had!