Tales of the Cupcake Mafia Needs a Wave From You!

You may already know Cupcake over at Tales of the Cupcake Mafia...also known as "don'tmesswithcupcake", but if you don't, you should! She is a great writer...an awesome storyteller, makes you laugh (crack up, actually) and cry, while she shares pieces of her NYC life...Germans...her office...her cupcakes...her brother...her Dad...her friends...or details of her first experience napping under her desk at work. Too much!

Here are some examples of her posts:
Why Does the Canal Street Subway Station Smell Like the Devil's Armpit?

I hate you Blogger. What have you done with my side bar? Why is it all the way down at the bottom of the page and why are you eating my titles?

Stand Back, She's Gonna Blow

Portrait of the Cupcake as a Young Woman

Sadly for us, Cupcake is taking a break for a while...but never fear...she says her blog will still there for for those of you who have never visited it to explore...you've got to find that one about under the desk napping.

Pop over to Cupcake's and say Hey Cupcake! You won't be disappointed! Now go!

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