My Sister Photographed Queen Elizabeth Today!

My sister, Robin, works at the College of William and Mary, and today she got to photograph The Queen...that's what you're supposed to call on campus! Robin was so excited, and she got some great shots. Check out her flickr account for more.

I might just have to make some sponge cupcakes with The Royal Icing this weekend!

The Queen visited the University of Maryland in 1957 with Prince Phillip. In honor of The Queen, The Terps went on to upset North Carolina (he he), in what then-head coach Tommy Mont later called his finest moment as coach.

Rock On!

The Cupcake Queen :)


  1. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Hello! I'm posting this comment in lieu of email (couldn't find your email address anywhere on your blog). I write the Sweet Talk newsletter for C&H Sugar and would love to interview you for our spring issue. If you're interested, please email me at wordworking @ gmail dot com. Thanks!

  2. What great photos! Like the commenter above, I couldn't find your email... I saw these and thought of you:

    cool, huh? Do you think they really keep their form?

  3. oh wow, i live about an hour away from william and mary. i heard about the queen coming but i also heard there was an outrageous waiting list to see her.

  4. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Isn't she a vision. Those are great photos!

  5. Wow, she must be so excited! What great pictures.

  6. WOW!! that's really NEAT!!!
    i love cupcakes, and so i really love your blog! thanks

  7. Mary H3:28 AM

    A royal walk-about at Wiliam and Mary with an excellent photo Robin!! Good thing you didn't have to curtsey!