The Cupcake Queen's Birthday Bash!

This past weekend we celebrated the Cupcake Queen's Birthday which was officially on Friday, Feb. 22. It all began with lunch at the University of Maryland Golf Course with Autumn (who came all the way from Ohio), Catherine, Margaret, Nancy, who all work with the Cupcake Queen....and Diane Louise and Grannie (who drove all the way from Syracuse)! We had so much fun and laughed ourselves silly....and, of course, a couple of us enjoyed a couple of gold margaritas! Nancy...we promise we won't say anythng about that guy on the know the one whose leg you grabbed!

Then, Friday night...the Cupcake Queen was taken to dinner at Il Pizzico on Rockville Pike that was to die for...the Queen was accompanied by Laura, Diane Louise and Grannie!

The feasting continued on Saturday with the most awesome Italian subs from Marchone's Italian Deli...then, a fantastic queenly Italian dinner that includes 48 meatballs driven to Rockville from Syracuse...homemade canellone, ceasar salad, much champagne and all the tremendous desserts that you see on the entry.....
Catherine made the three layer chocolate cake and presented the Cupcake Queen also with the very nice cherry pie from Wholefoods...which CQ dearly loves...Grannie made the lemon bars...Kate brought the Starbucks' cupcakes...and....Princess Robin...CQ's sister...who also brought CQ's mom to spend the BIG SLEEPOVER!!...made the adorable raspberry-filled cupcakes!

What a nice birthday CQ had! Hope you have a great week!

Rock On!



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How were the Starbuck's cupcakes?

  2. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Happy birthday ! The cake looks delicious.

  3. Anonymous10:36 AM

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Wish I were there. Hopefully we get stationed near ya'll next so I can join in on these festivities!

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  5. CQ certainly DID have a wonderful birthday - and a very delicious one, at that! :0)

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  7. Mmm,mmm,mmmm, whenever I want a feast for my eyes I come to your site. Oh those cupcakes!! Lovely photos.

    : )

  8. Yummm...all that sugar! That is cupcake Heaven! Happy belated bday to the Cupcake Queen!