Layla Takes Care of Her Terps!

Layla helped me make cupcakes for the Maryland Men's Basketball Team to eat at their Thursday night dinner tonight! We made vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and chocolate buttercream frosting.

These are a few of Layla's boys!

We made the cupcakes with everyone's numbers for Valentine's Day. The chocolate cupcakes had chunks for bittersweet chocolate in them and dark chocolate frosting. Layla was so tired from all the baking,...she's back in her bed right now catching up on her sleep. The last thing she said was that she wanted to register for Gary Williams Basketball Camp!

The vanilla cupcakes had vanilla paste in them so make them extra vanilla-ee...and the vanilla frosting has chunks of white chocolate shavings in it. OMG!

Maybe next time Nigie will help us...he was out in the yard chasing chipmunks last night!


  1. lovely cup cakes...just love cup cakes!!!

    Velcome to me, I have some for you to if you klike them!!!

    MIllan, Sweden

  2. How nice of you to make the guys cupcakes after Weds game. Ouch, that one hurt. Anyway, these look great and hopefully the greatness from them carries over to the game on Sat. GO TERPS!

  3. Anonymous2:32 AM

    well these cupcakes looks awesome… and m sure they must have tasted well with chunks for bittersweet chocolate in them and dark chocolate frosting… yum!! Yum!!

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  5. The decorations on top are so cute? Are they edible too?

  6. That Layla is such a good girl! My Duchess dog would not be allowed that close to the cupcakes or they would disappear:)

    I even have to watch the discarded wrappers because those are also favored doggy treats!