Update to on Terps Cupcakes!

CQ recieved this email from the Maryland Men's Basketball team:

"On behalf of the team and coaches… thanks for the cupcakes. The guys & staff loved them….Greivis must have eaten about 5!"

Good luck tonight, Terps!

And remember...It Never Rains in College Park!



  1. i've been a huge fan of your blog for some time, so much so that i've 'tagged' you. if you wanna see what that means and what you need to do then follow the link to my blog - if you have time!

  2. Hey! A friend of mine just recommended your blog to me and I love it! I just graduated from Maryland (Spring 07) and I LOVE baking cupcakes! Just wanted to know if you are going to be responsible for any of the 50,000 cupcakes they are giving away on Maryland Day this year? Have a great day and thanks for such a great blog!