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April 3, 2006; Page R9


DAVID LEBOVITZDavidLebovitz.com
Renowned chocolate chef David Lebovitz's blog is a mix of everyday musings sprinkled with fascinating food trivia, recipes and mouth-watering photos of decadent desserts. As anyone knows who has read his cookbooks, chocolate is a favorite ingredient in Mr. Lebovitz's recipes; many are included on the site. (Check out the "chocolate-almond butter crunch toffee" and "pumpkin chocolate chip ring.")

Mr. Lebovitz lives in Paris and updates his blog about every other day.

CUPCAKE BAKESHOPChockylit.blogspot.com
Cupcake devotees can feast their eyes on this virtual shrine to the diminutive desserts. Cupcake Bakeshop, kept by San Francisco software-quality engineer Cheryl Porro, sticks closely to the topic of cupcakes, making a recipe complete with photos and detailed instructions the focus of each posting.

Though Ms. Porro doesn't post too frequently -- new items appear about two to three times a month -- entries usually include elaborate recipes that readers can take time to savor between posts. (Check out the "peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache.")

Other sites for cupcake fans are All Cupcakes, All the Time
(CupcakesTakeTheCake.blogspot.com) and 52 Cupcakes (52Cupcakes.blogspot.com).

DESSERT COMES FIRST DessertComesFirst.blogspot.com
Some of the best food blogs are those that read like a journal, rather than just a list of recipes. Maintained by Lori Baltazar, a food writer based in Manila, the Philippines, Dessert Comes First is a mixture of personal reflections, close-up cake shots and a rundown of Ms. Baltazar's own experiences with a particular treat. (Read her account of a French meringue-and-nut dessert called sans rival.)

Though Ms. Baltazar has her priorities right -- a dessert is featured in each posting -- weaving in her own thoughts and family photos gives this blog a more personal flavor.

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