Ladies and Gentlemen...We Have Two (yes, two) Cupcake Contest Winners!!

This has taken me so long because I just couldn't decide on one single comment...they were all so I decided to pick two winners!

Each winner will receive a dozen cupcakes from the Cupcake Queen!

The winners are Chaz X and Finley!!

You two need to email me at with your addresses and cupcake likes and dislikes!!


  1. Congratulation Chaz X and Finley!

  2. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Congratulations Chaz X and Finley! What flavors are you going to choose? Enjoy!

  3. Congratulations to the both of you... I am so jealous!!

  4. I demand a recount! No? Then I demand a cupcake! Oh, well. Congrats to Chaz X and Finley! Take lots of pictures and let us know just how truly delish we imagine them to be. Thank CQ for the wonderful, tastey blog. It has been a pleasure!

  5. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Congrats to the winners! Any chance losers could PAY to try a dozen?

  6. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Congrats to ChazX and Finely...

    And to 52 cupcakes--Happy Birthday Blog!

  7. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Cupcake Queen we love you and are happy to hear that you are going to keep doing this! You are awesome!

  8. I never win anything, darn. But, I've had great fun trying your receipes. Thanks for sticking with it.

  9. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Good Afternoon to everyone!

    I love your site and all recipes. I have a question though. I live in Florida and have customers interested in a cupcake wedding cake. Where can I find nice looking cupcake cups and which are the best frostings for wedding cupcakes that will no go bad at room temperature or melt in our weather. They prefer I stay away from fondant or buttercream so these icings are out of question :-(

    Best Regards,
    Cupcake Lover