Week 52: Coconut Cupcakes...What Goes Around Comes Around!

Sorry to be so long in posting this. Work has been the week from Hell! Maryland Day is on Saturday and our office is in charge of a lot of the planning and implementation of the event. It's fun but there's so much to do!

Wow! I looked back at my first week recipe and all I put up was the recipe! How boring. I was so scared to f*** up something, it was the best I could do to get the recipe up! I wish you could have seen the kitchen for that one...picture a flour-covered counter, every bowl out of every cupboard, every measuring spoon in the sink...how times have changed in year...and yet not really...just last week I Iost control of the mixer while mixing the orange cupcake batter and I'm still digging batter out the laptop screen on the kitchen counter...it will never be the same! I wonder what Apple would say about that! Anyway, that's why I returned to the first week for this week's cupcake!

This cupcake is so easy and tastes so moist that I believe even if you don't like coconut, you'll like these. And, the creamcheese frosting mixed with the fresh coconut...well, let's just say it's really to die for! Just ask Layla!

The recipe is back on Week 1....HERE.

See ya next week...and then I'll let you know my secret!



  1. Congratulations Cupcake Queen!

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! May there be many more cupcake-filled posts ahead. Love the picture of Layla...

  3. Congratulations! I love coconut cupcakes...I'll try these out!

  4. Well done CQ! I think if I'd have won the cupcake contest I would have chosen these. Anything with coconut is tops with me!

  5. Congrats CQ! I can't believe the 52 weeks are over. My coworkers will be so upset since they are also my guinea pigs on all your new recipes!

  6. I just now found your blog and I love it! :) These coconut cupcakes sound SO good - I love coconut anything, frankly. Add cream cheese on top, and I'm a ridiculously happy gal!

    I just posted a Frappuccino copycat recipe on my coffee blog - if any of you want a cuppa to go with your cupcake, please check it out. :) Coffee makes me crave cupcakes and a lot of other things. lol

    Thanks for a great blog,

  7. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Congratulations on 52 weeks CQ! What's the new project going to be? How about mini tarts!!!! Then you can be Queen of Tarts!!! LOL

  8. YAY!!! Congratulations!! Your cupcake blog has been making me crave cupcakes since my best friend pointed you out to me. That was the week 32 when you did the candy cane cupcakes. *L*

  9. Congratulations!!! You made it one cupcake at a time. Well you have succesfully created a cupcake craze in my world. You also inspired me to start my own blog, its not about cupcakes just about most things edible. But thanks, LOVE your work.

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