Cool Tool: Cup-A-Cake Cupcake Holder Online Demo!

This is a Cup-A-Cake holds kidding!. No more smushed frosting, no more crushed cupcakes in your lunch bag...just put your cute little cupcake in like this.
Then you lock the door!
Then you can test it out by turning it upside down like I did and shake it! Guess what? That little turtle in there didn't even budge...pretty cool, huh?
Now I know you're going to want at least one of these...I own six...but I keep giving them away...I even mailed one cupcake in one...only these three are left...time to buy more.

Cup-A Cake, LLC is a small family business, mostly made up of moms, who all work full time in other areas. They do have a web site with online ordering...go have you lived so long without some of these?? They come in pink, green, blue, yellow and clear. Here is the web site address: