Barnes and Noble Refueling...New Cupcake Recipes!

Tonight after dinner I was thinking about next Sunday's (week 18) cupcake. I'm getting bored with the cupcake books I have so I took my self to Barnes and Noble in Rockville. They have a pretty large cooking/baking section. Once again, I can't imagine my self hanging out in the cookbook section of any store, but I'm going along with this desire...I was there over an hour, pouring (ha ha) over the "baking" cookbooks, checking every book's index for "cupcakes." Not that many to be found. Also, I like the books with really beautiful photos of the end product (God forbid that I have to use my own imagination at this stage!

Long story short: I found two really cool books...yes, they are baking and cake books, but each has a handsome section on cupcakes with very nice color photos and pretty easy to understand recipes. The first one is called Simple Home Baking, and it's by Carol Pastor. The other book is Cakes From Scratch in Half the Time, by Linda West Eckhardt. Tonight I go to sleep full of cupcake ideas!