Week 17: Red Velvet Cupcakes with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

My mom makes me a devil's food cake for my birthday every year...with vanilla icing. It's my favorite! So I thought I'd try a red velvet cupcake to see if it's similar. This receipe is so cool. The batter was bright red. I've never seen that before. I was like OMG! what is this going to look like? It was awesome looking! Then it darkens up but still has a reddish tinge...pretty cool! If you make these, you don't need cupcake liners. Just be sure to spray the pan so they are easy to get out. I used that Pam spray for baking and they literally fell out of the pan.

The frosting is creamy with a hint of vanilla and was very easy to work with on the cupcakes.

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