Thursday Night Experiment: Polka Dot Fondant Cupcakes

Tonight I decided to try to make fondant. I saw a recipe in my new book (The Artful cupcake by Marcianne Miller) called Polka Dot Fondant Cupcakes. I thought this might be fun and it was. I made the cupcakes just using a cake mix...I didn't want to waste time on that part of it. The recipe called for making Royal Icing and Tasty Fondant. The first cupcake was ugly...but by the second and third, I was really getting the hang of it. And, I would definitely do them again. I used hot strawberry jelly as the glue on the cupcake and then put the fondant circle over the cupcake and formed it around the cupcake. I'll post the recipe tomorrow. They tasted yummy!