Week 18: Nut Butter Cuppins with Peanut Butter and Maple Icing

If you love peanuts, then look out! Not only peanuts, but cashews, too. And, maple! I call this a Cuppin (combination of Cupcake and Muffin). It's definitely meant for mornings with coffee. One modification to the recipe, I added maple syrup to the icing. It seemed to need a little boost. And, this addition proved to be the answer. The peanut flavor and the maple syrup icing together are a sweet delight!

It's a very easy recipe to make, but it does require some things that you might not have on hand...like chunky peanut butter. We did have regular peanut, but not chunky. The recipe called for golden caster (superfine) sugar. I did manage to find that at a store around here called Balduci's (used to be Sutten Place). Of course, I found some other cool baking things there that I just HAD to have...Oh well!

This recipe is from Simple Home Baking by Carol Pastor. You can download my PDF version of the recipe here.