Dark Dark Chocolate Holiday Mini-Cupcakes with Peppermint Bark Frosting...Yummie!

I simply love peppermint bark...I'm not kidding...I can't wait for the holidays when it shows up at Crate and Barrel...and my hand instinctively reaches for that box every time I go in here...so this year I decided to experiment with some on a dark, dark chocolate cupcake. I "found" (ahem) Ghirardelli's Limited Edition Peppermint Bark Squares at the World Market this weekend when I got home I put some in the freezer for about 10 minutes, I crushed them up and put them on top of my pink buttercream frosting. They were a huge hit for dessert this evening...a sweet, little taste of holidaze coming our way!

This experiment was pretty easy because I used a dark dark chocolate CAKE MIX! I added some sour cream and...here's the real kick...a cup of white chocolate chips...I know it sounds crazy but it all worked out just fine!

I made the mini cupcakes this time because I figured these would be kind of "rich"...and they were...and I wanted to pile on the frosting. You can check out the rest of the "Bark" cupcakes on my flickr web page at: hflickr.com/photos/cupcakequeen.

I also did a few without the bark...and used white nonpareils because I have one particular person who doesn't like mint...and I like to keep all my peeps happy! You can buy the nonpareils at Michaels or order them from Wilton's web site. Now I'm gearing up for a REAL holiday cupcake in the next couple of weeks. Are you whipping up anything special? Let me know!

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Cool Tool: Slide...Watch Layla's Cupcake Slide Show!

My New Uggs: Tattooed with a Cupcake!

Last winter I really wanted a pair of Uggs...I have a pair of Uggs slippers that Layla tried to chew up and they are still so cozy. But I didn't buy the Uggs last winter. So, when I was in Nordstom's in Montgomery Mall (newly named Westfield Mall but everyone still calls it Montgomery Mall) a couple of weeks ago...I got the Ugg's Bugg and decide to bite the bullet and get a pair!

I decided on a pair of "classic" short Uggs in Chestnut. The sales person told me that I could get a tattoo for my new friends...a promotion that day meant the tattoo was free...so I went over to the table and met the artist Phill...Nordstrom's commissioned him to customize the UGGs they sell. Phill sometimes sits in the Nordstrom shoe department for seven or eight hours. He uses Prisma Color pens, up to twelve colors...it takes him 30 minutes to two hours to decorate a pair of boots, depending on the design. And, he's very cute!

So I asked him if he could do me a cupcake and he said yes! I haven't worn them yet ... it's still pretty warm here in D.C....hopefully, it will get cold soon so that I can wear my cupcake UGGS! If you go to Nordstroms to get your new UGGS and see Phill, tell him the Cupcake Queen says Hey!

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Here they are....the Super-Duper Cupcakes Cookbook Winners!!!!

Here are the Super-Duper Cupcakes cookbook winners, pulled randomly...or is that randomly pulled?...out of the hat today...anyway...they WON!! Now, go say hi to them~

Melanie Hess—Here's her blog: My Ramblings


Surcie—Here's her blog: Surcie...A Little Treat, Just Because

Ladies, please send your addresses to 52cupcakes@gmail.com so that I can send you your autographed books!

Great job, everyone!


Worm Cupcakes with "Dirt" Buttercream Frosting for the Worm and Don't Forget to Enter the SUPER-DUPER CUPCAKES BOOK CONTEST!!

Update Nov. 13: Contest winners will be announced at 7:00 p.m. (EST) today...Not at 4:00 as previously sated.

Update Nov. 12, 2006—These Worm Cupcakes (inspired by Elaine Cohen's Super-Duper Cupcakes) are pretty cute and very easy to create! I made them today for my daughter-in-law, Amanda, because one of her nicknames is "Worm"....don't even ask me to explain...it's just too convoluted, but it really is an affectionate term, believe me...and today is her birthday...
Happy Birthday, Worm! The first thing she said was "That's GROSS!" But, then she got right into the spirit of things. Right now, she's out shopping her little heart out with Catherine! Amanda has a blog, too...check it out here.

I warned you that November is a very busy birthday month...including my boss, Terry Flannery, last Friday...my sister-in-law...my brother-in-law...the list goes on and the month isn't even over yet! BTW...have you seen all the holiday decorations out already? I do have to admit that I've already listened to Starbuck's new "Santa Baby" cd! I know, I just can't help it.

Layla thought that the worms were cool. She wants to remind you that tomorrow (Monday) at 3:00 p.m. (EST) is the deadline to enter the Super-Duper Cupcakes Cookbook Contest...read on below to see how to enter!

Rock on, CQ

Chu Chu Vanilla Heaven Cupcakes with Green Buttercream Frosting

I was so inspired by Elaine Cohen's Super-Duper Cupcakes book that I had to go out and buy all this really cool candy at the BIG K just so that I make these cute train cupcakes. I used Skittles, Twix, AirHeads Extremes Sour Belts, DOTS, and licorice...but...well...I bought a whole lot more than that (the bag must have weighed 50 lbs at least) just...for...a...future projects!

And, these cupcakes are actually appropriate because two more people in my family have birthdays this week: my brother-in-law, Jim...he lives in West Point, VA...and my sister-in-law, Mary Harvill...she lives in Spokane, Washington. AND, I heard somewhere that Elaine Cohen's birthday is Nov. 8th! November is a very busy birthday month!

Okay...back to the cupcakes...and the NEW CONTEST...I made Elaine's Vanilla Heaven Cupcakes and also her Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. Her book is so cool...it's all about having fun...see, right here on page 13 where she talks about cupcakes...she says there are three types of cupcakes you could use... Homemade... Cake Mix... Pre-made... Same with the frosting ...Homemade ...Frosting Mix ...Packaged .... that's the best because it gives you permission to sometimes not actually make cupcakes yourself or the frosting...then you (and your kids) can have more fun decorating! This is right up my alley because I think that the most fun is in the decorashun!

Layla was interested only in this almost-non-decorated cupcake...she has very simple desires....and now comes the very best part....ANOTHER CUPCAKE COOKBOOK CONTEST....

Elaine has sent me TWO...hmmmm maybe I'll just keep one copy for myself....just kidding...of her books...autographed!! for the November contest...Here's all you have to do to enter the contest: Wish Elaine a Happy Birthday in a comment on this post...and before you can say gimme anothere cupcake...you're entered. If you make an "anonymous" comment, add your first name to the comment so that you can be identified for the drawing.

The contest begins at 3:00 p.m. (EST) Monday, Nov. 6...that's today!!! And, it ends, at 3:00 p.m. (EST) Monday, Nov. 13. Winners will be announced at 4:00 p.m. that day.

Now...get out there and VOTE!...I mean wish Elaine a Happy Birthday!

Rock On,