SAM'S BIRTHDAY!!! We've Had Lots of Birthdays This Month!

We've had lots of birthdays this month....this one is for Samantha...she lives in Pittsburgh with her mom...Steffi...and her dad...Chris...and her sister...Ali. Sam and Ali's grand pop (my brother!) sent me this recipe. Just the opportunity I needed to use my Silly Cups that I got for Xmas! Happy Birthday, Sam! Your box is in the mail!

These cupcakes are called Italian Cream Cupcakes...they are loaded with butter and cream!

Layla...aka drooling least got a tiny taste of the frosting!

Have a great week!


Only Martha Stewart's BEST for ARAY's 30th!

Today's is ARAY's (aka Autumn) 30th birthday! And, unfortunately, she won't be able to eat these lovely cupcakes made in her honor because she has moved to OHIO...does Ohio have a primary?...and because she cannot eat salt...I would have made her something different if she was right kidding...even tho I'm against changing the chemistry of the tried and true cupcake!

I made these cupcakes from the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy' the White Cake Mix ($11.99) and it makes 28 cupcakes....and I must tell you that it is amazing! If you want to check it out: this is the link.

Then I made Martha's "fluffy vanilla buttercream" frosting...recipe of which is on the box. OMG! It is just about the best thing since sliced bread. I know that even ARAY would have to have a bite of one of these cupcakes!

Don't worry...these babies won't go to daughter, Catherine, is taking them to an AIGA meeting tonight. She said all the designers love homemade treats! They may even sing Happy Birthday to Autumn.

Layla, who got a little bite of the frosting because she's the best sous chef I've got, is wishing ARAY a Happy Birthday, too.

Happy Birthday, ARAY....and we miss you!

Rock on, CQ!