Marie's "Fancy Pants" Vanilla Cupcakes with White Chocolate Chips

Late last our mailbox I found some very nice  presents from our lovely neighbor, Marie, who lives down the street. Twenty-four cupcakes liners...what I'm calling "fancy pants" cupcake liners (by Wilton), they are! And, very cute cupcake ribbons!

These cupcakes are vanilla with white chocolate chips topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting and/or dark chocolate frosting.

Layla was wishing that a few crumbs would fall on the floor!

The chocolate ones were especially good!

I will definitely use the "fancy pants" cupcake liners again...they are so much fun!

Layla and I hope that you all have a great week!

Next week, a review of a new baking food scale!

CQ and Layla

Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Jelly Doughnut Cupcakes Accompanied by Duff Goldman's--the Ace of Cakes--Cupcake Tattoos!

Another cool edible cupcake tattoo design from Duff Goldman, the Ace of Cakes! This one's called Animal Skins...I bought them at Michaels

The cupcakes are from Cupcakes from the Cake Mix Doctor by Anne Byrn.

Layla takes a walk on the wild side...settle down, lil doggie!!

Wonder what she's really thinking....

Layla and I are looking forward to the third in a series of four Duff cupcake tattoo cupcakes...tune in next week for #3!

Have a great week, CQ and Layla

Skull and Crossbone Cupcake Tattoos Win CQ Over!

I found a fantastic new product at Michael's last week: The Duff (Ace of Cakes) Goldman Collection that features more than 70 products, including fun decorating supplies like fondant, frosting, baking pans...and wait for it...cake tattoos!!!

That's what the skull and crossbones is from...edible can see that Layla was intrigued!

You can find all of the great "Duff" products at your local Michaels store. Go there. The online version doesn't do it justice!

The tattoos were very easy to work can use them on cakes and cupcakes and templates are provided.

Layla says go there now!!

See you soon!

CQ and Layla
p.s. CQ Meets Ace of Cakes...when he visited the University of Maryland.