Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Jelly Doughnut Cupcakes Accompanied by Duff Goldman's--the Ace of Cakes--Cupcake Tattoos!

Another cool edible cupcake tattoo design from Duff Goldman, the Ace of Cakes! This one's called Animal Skins...I bought them at Michaels

The cupcakes are from Cupcakes from the Cake Mix Doctor by Anne Byrn.

Layla takes a walk on the wild side...settle down, lil doggie!!

Wonder what she's really thinking....

Layla and I are looking forward to the third in a series of four Duff cupcake tattoo cupcakes...tune in next week for #3!

Have a great week, CQ and Layla


  1. Anonymous10:31 AM

    they look super delicious :D
    but... are they for dogs or for humans????

  2. These look so fun! I have to get some of the cupcake tattoos! Layla has such self control:)

  3. These look great! I love the colours.
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  4. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Just stumbled across your blog and love it! It's too cute. Those cupcakes just rocked my world!

    New follower and just wanted to say hi! Happy day to you!

  5. Those are really neat!

    Check out the cupcakes I just made. I think you'll get a kick out of them.


    Mrs. Livings

  6. Those look fantastic-I love the colors!
    May be I will invite you over to my animal print blog!Check this out:

  7. LauraNorthernCA12:11 PM

    Love them! I'm curious, though, how do they taste?? p.s. I was in your neck of the woods last week -- visiting family in MD :-)

  8. your dog is the cutest!!

  9. They're amazing! I think Layla seems afeared of the skull and crossbone though, or else it would be down in one!

  10. HAHAHA! Love the Layla in the background. Duff stuff is neat! Thank you for sharing this tattoo :)

  11. My husband bought one of those to make a cake for my birthday. I think they're really neat. He had a little trouble placing it on the cake. but overall it looks really cool! Sure to impress! Your doggy is so cute by the way!

  12. leopard print cupcakes - WOW


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  14. I discovered your blog today! All the cupcakes look so cute and delicious!
    I love cupcakes too, but I am French, so I wouldn't even dare trying to bake some! My territory is madeleines;)
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    I hop you will have time to check it out!!!!
    Bon appetit ;) Marie from New York

  15. Layla is prescious and your cupcakes are adorable