These Basketball Cupcakes Are a Slam Dunk!

Cupcake Birthday Party Request: Basketball Cupcakes for a friend's 13-year-old son!

Solution: Trip to LIttle Bits Cake store in Wheaton, Maryland...the best cake and cupcake decorating supply store in our area!

Made two dozen chocolate and two dozen vanilla cupcakes and one BIG cupcake posing as a birthday cake!

Have a great week, CQ and Layla!

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Bridal Shower Cupcakes and Cupcake Decorating Contest!

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes in cupcake holders from Fancy Flours.

Cupcake stand from Crate & Barrel.

Layla lounging longly looking at the cupcakes!

Cupcake decorating contest begins!

The three finalists!

And, Becky wins the the bling ring!! The winning cupcake was the little doggy!

Have a great week!

CQ and Layla

Not a Peep Out of You Carrot Cake Easter Cupcakes with White Chocolate Chips

These were the best carrot cake cupcakes this side of the west coast...haha!

Filled with white chocolate chips!

Layla loved the frosting!

No animals died making these cupcakes!

If you see Stacie Joy today, tell her Layla says Happy Birthday!!

Have a great week!

CQ and Layla