50,000 Cupcakes for Maryland Day!!!

Maryland Day - the University of Maryland's annual open house - is 10 years old! We're baking with 50,000 cupcakes to celebrate - and the entire Washington, D.C. region has been invited to join us! The day kicks off with a grand opening ceremony at 10 a.m. in Hornbake Plaza featuring WMAR's Mary Beth Marsden as the host. Shhh - don't tell anyone - but Testudo has a special surprise in store.

Update: 4.24.08: we're test tasting the Maryland Day cupcakes this afternoon!!!!

The Cupcake Queen has been invited to be one of the judges for the Cupcake Decorating Contest on Maryland Day!

Here's the recipe for the 50,000 cupcakes provided by our Dining Services folks:

White Cake Recipe

1415 lbs cake flour.. sifted..
78.33lbs baking powder
46.33 lbs salt
707.55 lbs high ratio cake shortening
1769lbs granulated sugar
177 gallons 2% milk
2.5 gallons flavoring
117.93 gallons fresh eggs

Total weight 6,392.15 lbs


4275 lbs 10 x sugar
541.5 lbs Margarine
541.5 lbs Icing Shortening
912 lbs water
1.75 gallons flavoring

Total weight 6,284 lbs

This video features our president...Dan Mote and his wife, Patsy, beginning the baking process:

The Cupcake Queen will have to show up with four stitches in her cheek to do her judging...what do you think happened to her? Several good stories have been put forth:

CQ was sleep walking and tripped over Layla. (Deb)
CQ was working out on her treadmill, dropped her ipod and hit her cheek on the handrail. (Meg)
CQ was in a car accident. (Barb)
Somebody said shut-up and CQ thought he said stand up. (Mac)
CQ fell in the hallway...tripped over the cat...hit face on floor. (Millree)
CQ got bite by her dog. (Beth)
CQ was outside on her deck..it was raining...she slipped on the stairs and hit her cheek on the railing. (Peggy)
Something hit CQ. (Joanne)
CQ was out mowing her lawn. Her mower handle caught a tree branch and the branch swung back and hit CQ on the cheek. (Brian)
CQ walked into a pole. (Herb)
CQ heard a noise outside in her backyard. Layla ran out to see what it was. CQ picked up a dustbuster and a cupcake and went out to find Layla. There was an extraterrestrial vehicle in the yard and little ET things running around. They got scared when they saw CQ's dustbuster and shot her in the cheek with an ET laser thinggie. And, then they flew away! (Ellen)
CQ got bite by a dog. (Tom)
CQ was watching Law and Order with a friend. The friend got so carried away during one scene that he/she punched CQ in the cheek. (Dave)
CQ was gardening and fell on a hoe. (Holly)
Mo says that CQ hit herself with something...then Mo says that sounds goofy, doesn't it!
anonymous said...I think CQ was fast & furiously icing cupcakes when the icing spatula slipped from her glazed fingers, flipped in the air, and came crashing down on her tender cheek.
bro said...I think CQ was jumping on the bed and her brother pushed her into a radiator.
cupcake queen said...bro...that is the BEST laugh I've had all day...and you are so right...however, this time it was left cheek!
sam said...LOL...too funny! Thanks for sharing and wish I could be there for the cupcakes!
CQ tripped on on something in the yard (Sapienza)
CQ was hit by a kitchen cabinet (Brodie)
CQ got smacked by Laura (Bonnie)

What do you think happened to CQ??? If you can, come to Maryland Day and find out!

The truth will be revealed in CQ's next posting.

It's About Time for Some Cupcake Bling!

You just have to love this bracelet!!! I'm not going to say too much about it...but just look at the detail.

When I wear it to work, everyone asks me about it...where'd I get it...so cute...you know!

The cupcake is from Wholefoods...it's a mini chocolate!

The cupcake bracelet is from Rockerjewlz. I ordered it onlline at Etsy.

..made by a jewelry designer in Union City, near San Francisco! Here's her blog: rockerjewlz. Go see her and say the Cupcake Queen says hi!

You'll love this bracelet!

No cupcakes this week...the BLING is enough!

Rock ON!


All You Need is Love...and a Few Cupcakes!

The kids went to a couple of weddings this weekend...one in Binghamton, NY, and one on Amelia Island in Florida...this inspired me to look into making some wedding cupcakes!

I found just the right one in A Baker's Field Guide to Cupcakes by Dede Wilson.

Then I added a bride throwing her bouquet to a small crowd while the groom looks on....

...and so does Layla!

All you need is love!