Return to Those Mint Julep Cupcakes for the Kentucky Derby!

I've had a very interesting week that I can't tell you about yet...lots of interesting things are happening but I can't discuss them yet...but they could be really cool!

So, back to cupcakes...May 5th is my Mom's birthday...Happy Early Birthday, Ma!

These cupcakes are for the Kentucky Derby. They are from the new Cupcakes Galore book. The frosting is different than any I've made before but was fun to do, and in the end, worked out well. The frosting has Mint Julep in it and the cupcake recipe called for bourbon! Wee's going to be some party...I mean race!

Go Horses!


p.m. Don't forget the champagne!

Lemon-ee Kite-Flying Cupcakes for a Spring Day

Spring has finally come to the Washington must be time to fly kites!

These are lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting.

I picked up the little kite flying characters at the local hobby store.

If you live in the DC area, be sure to visit the University of Maryland's Maryland Day this coming activities and events...10-4...rain or's a blast!

Rock on!


"My Peeps" Easter Cupcakes 2009

I absolutely love peeps....don't you? But I really love stale peeps the best!

So, I decided to have more fun this year with peeps. I made vanilla cupcakes from a cake mix...I followed the directions on the box, and added 1 cup of sour cream and a cup of white chocolate chips.

I made vanilla frosting and just started decorating and I had so much fun!

Layla agreed to pretend to be the Easter Bunny...and she almost ate the bunny in front on her!

BTW: I just wanted to give a shout out today...April THE AIDEN...Today is Aiden's birthday...he is two years old...he's the little guy in the middle between his mom and dad who just returned home. Aiden lives in Spokane, Washington...if you see him today make sure he's having a happy birthday...and give him a big kiss for CQ!

Have a great week....CQ

CQ Meets the Ace of Cakes!

Duff came to the University of Maryland last night...I got to meet him...he was so cool. The place was sold out! And, he made a University of Maryland cake...Mary Alice is a Um Alum and Duff actually called her during his talk and put her on speaker phone!

It was a blast!


Wow! 52 Cupcakes One of Top 10 Favorite Cupcake Blogs

Hey! Just heard that 52 Cupcakes was named as one of the 10 Favorite Cupcake Blogs by Cupcakes Take the Cake..Here's the link: .

Rock On!