Week 35: Chocolate Twinkies

Remember that twinkie kit I bought a few weeks ago? (See Way to Go Hostess.) Well, tonight I decided that I really needed to make them...only I made chocolate ones! They turned out to be very yummy...dark chocolate (you add 1/2 cup of strong coffee to the batter)...and they are so cute when the come out of the pans.

By the way, this Christmas turned out to be the best ever...the week before my step-son, John, graduated from the university. To celebrate, we went to Cintronelle, in Georgetown...it was the first time that we've been there. What a fantastic experience! The chef is Michel Richard...and he is such a cool dude! The restaurant is set up so that you can watch what's going on in the kitchen. One of the things on the menu for dessert is a cute little merengue snowman.

And, today, I was watching Martha Stewart and Chef Michel Richard was on there making the snowmen! Here's a link to the recipe for the Snowmen.

Christmas Eve, we had an awesome dinner for 12 at home...my mom, Bev, my sister Robin and her husband Jim, Laura, Nick, John, Catherine, Shelley, David, James and his wife Amanda. It was lovely. And, once again, the gourmet cooks in our family made the most delicious meal. Since I don't cook, I "Martha" the table setting and do the menus, etc...and cleanup, of course! On Christmas Day, we went to lunch at the Jefferson Hotel. It was lovely and the food was outstandiing. (I feel like I should be living on the treadmill right now! I upped my time on that damn machine and upped the incline and speed, too...just so I could keep up with all this great food!

Okay, back to those twinkies...they were fun to make, but squirting the stuff into the bottom was pretty hard to do....the cake part is very light and fragile and the recipe book that Hostess gives you has several different vanilla fillings to try....also, I was thinking that these can't really be the same recipes that we actually eat/ate when we eat the store bought version (of course, I'd never do that...would I??) because just look at the ingredients on the package...chemical words that I don't even know how to pronounce...what I'm using is all natural...we could never really create the same chemically processed twinkies (and would we want to???...but if you just look at these, they do really resemble that ole twinkie! And, maybe that's enough!

Hope you all have a safe and sane New Year's Eve...2006: Bring it on!

Week 34: Ornament Cupcakes (Chocolate Cupcakes with Easy Buttercream Frosting)

Here's the third and final cupcake in my series of three holiday-themed cupcakes. The first was the Candy Cane Cupcake. The second was the Snowball Cupcake. The recipe I used for this one is a basic dark chocolate cupcake compliemented by Linda West Eckhardt's Quick Buttercream Frosting from her book called Cakes From Scratch in Half the Time." It's a great book! I got the idea from the cupcake ornaments I've been finding this holiday. I searched around on the web and found a similar idea.

So, I made my weekly early Sunday morning cupcake supply trip, only this time it included a trip to CVS because the Giant didn't have any Mini M&M's which are desperately necessary...as well as the miniature Reese's Cups! I came home right away and made the cupcakes because my daughter, Catherine, was having her friend, Jesse, who is also a member of our monthly dinner club, over to bake holiday-type yummies. I needed to get out of there fast. I still make the worst mess in the kitchen, so it's best that I'm in there to suffer with it all by myself. Stuff is flying all over the place, including frosting. The kitchen laptop is coated with confectioner's sugar, something kind of crunchy...and who knows what else!??

They got started baking, and I took the frosting phase of this project into my office to work on the cupcakes. It took me a while to settle on an idea and then I really got cranked up and was able to use all the colored sugars I've been collecting. Each of the 24 cupcakes is different. However, this took all f'ing afternoon. I am not kidding you! But, I totally enjoyed myself and they really were fun to do. One negative thing happened: During the Photography Phase (smile) I had to go get something downstairs and I thought I closed the door. I had a very nice blue cupcake (see photo above) on a plate on this little table in my office...when I came back into the room, the door was open and my dog, Layla was staring at the now empty plate as if another cupcake would magically appear! Good thing I had already taken a couple of shots of that cupcake...she even ate the paper liner...I took one look at her and had another bite of the frosting...It's to die for! My office, however, will never be the same! Recipe up on Monday!

Cupcake Lovers: We Have Our Two Winners!

We had 150 entries in the Cupcake Cookbook Holiday Giveaway! Here are the winners: Lisa from Perth Western Australia and Tara Alton!

I wish I could give all of you a book...your entries were so creative and fun to read. I must add that I realized how much I look forward to reading the posts from my regular readers each week. I hope that those of you who said it was your first post on a blog will consider posting more often. It's a fun way to get to know people!

Lisa and Tara: Please email me your addresses and I'll get the books out to you right away. Send your info to me at linda@mydogbaby.com

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. It nice to know there are so many cupcake lovers out there!

Week 33: Martha Stewart's Snowball Cupcakes with Snowball Frosting

This the second in a series of three holiday-themed cupcakes. The first was the Candy Cane Cupcakes. I found this recipe in the December Martha Stewart Living magazine. She calls them "whimsical wax creations" because she used beeswax sheets to make the little trees, etc. I could not find beeswax sheets anywhere around here so I thought a good substitute for beeswax would be fruit rollups! At least you could eat them instead of burning them! The cupcakes were easy to make...but you have to have bittersweet chocolate on hand. I made them this morning before we went to Butlers Orchard to get our Christmas tree. Then when we got back I needed to do some work on my annual "xmas" cd that I send out to my family and friends--this is the sixth year. So it wasn't until about 4:15 that I returned to the kitchen and began a real trial...opps, I mean, learning experience...that lasted until about 9:00 tonight!

The Snowball Frosting just looks easy. Here are the ingredients: 1-1/2 cups plus 2 tablespoons sugar; 2 tablespoons light corn syrup; 6 ounces whipping-quality pasteurized egg whites. It's a cinch, right? No Way! I must make note of one missing ingredient not on the list above: 2/3 cup of water (it is mentioned in the the text below the ingredients. So, I don't add the water, in fact, completely miss the water...I had no idea what it was supposed to look like! But, somehow I knew that tan was not the right color. That batch was a complete failure (however, don't forget the learning experience...now I know what not to do. right? Nod your head here) Second Try: Okay. Now I am seeing that this will take two people to complete, but not until I actually went through it a second time. The recipe calls for you to bring the corn syrup and water and sugar to boil in a small sauce pan until it reaches a temp of 235 degrees. Sounds easy, yes? But the next thing says, "meanwhile, put eggs white into the bowl...etc. etc. You're supposed to beat them up for a while and then when the other pot reaches the right temp, pour that into the egg whites. I was jumping from one side of the kitchen to the other so much that my dog Layla was hiding under the table! On the second run, the eggs got whipped to the "soft peak" stage and then had to wait until the other thing got to the right boiling point. So, while in the end the frosting did seem okay, it didn't reach completely reach the "stiff peak" stage. But, I did use it on the first batch of cupcakes.

It was only one the third try, with the help of two family members, Laura and Catherine (of the whatsheate.blogspot.com fame) that I was able to reach almost perfection of the frosting so that I could "deliver" something that actually imitated a snowball to the top of the cupcake. Whew! This one really wore me out....but they do taste extremely decadent...rich chocolate and almost marshmallow frosting! I think I need to talk to Jeff who sometimes comments here...he's in pastry school. Jeff: HELP!

Don't forget about entering my Holiday Giveaway Cupcake Cookbook Contest before Dec. 16. All you have to do is post to my post about it. Do it now!

Recipe will magically appear tomorrow, I promise!

Holiday Give Away! Two Autographed Copies of Julie Hasson's Cupcake Book!

I'm not sure that I mentioned...except to everyone in my household and other other friends and family types and anyone else within a 50-mile radius...that Julie Hasson, (pictured at left) author of 125 Best Cupcake Recipes, and I have been exchanging emails since October...At first I thought it was someone on her staff doing the writing, but she assured me that she is really her. Julie came up with the idea of the first-ever 52 Cupcakes holiday give away of two copies of her books, autographed by her!

Well, the autographed books arrived today! I love this idea...so now it begins...Here's the way it will work: Ready, Set, Go...It starts RIGHT NOW! To enter this contest, just make a comment on this post. The contest ends at 9:00 p.m. (EST) on Dec. 16. I will draw two names...from whoever has posted...out of my favorite hat, and announce the two winners about an hour later. I'll mail the books out to the winners on Saturday, Dec. 17...just in time for Christmas! (unless someone from Australia wins...then it may take a little longer to arrive!) Okay...let's get it started!

(If I don't hear back with contact info from a winner by noon (EST) on the 17th, I'll pick another winner.)

Week 32: Candy Cane Cupcakes with Candy Cake Frosting

This the first in a series of three holiday-themed cupcakes: Candy Cane Cupcakes, based on a chocolate cupcake recipe by Emeril. The frosting is a vanilla frosting recipe I found on the web and I added crushed up candy canes to the frosting before mixing and then sprinkled somemore on top after frosting.

The second picture is James...one of my home-based cupcake testers...He wanted to eat it all in one bite but I didn't think that I could capture that event on my digital camera. So, I asked him to do it in two bites. This is his first bite! He really is a great eater!

Go to this set on my flickr account to see more of the Candy Cane Cupcake photos at HERE. Here is the RECIPE!

Maryland-made Cupcake Queen's Cupcakes Delivered to Spokane, WA

This is the photo that my brother just sent me when he received the Gonzaga vs Maryland bet payoff by fed ex this afternoon. He's never had a Cupcake Queen cupcake before, so that was the wager. The entire dozen cupcakes arrived unscathed (3000 miles) and were being enjoyed by the folks in his office. (I told him he better save 2 to take home to his wife and kid or he'd be killed!)

If you don't know what this is about, read the Week 31 entry below. It's all about college basketball! Gotta go. Maryland is getting ready to play Minnesota in just a few minutes! FEAR THE TURTLE, BABY!

Wow! 52 Cupcakes In The News...

52 Cupcakes got a mention in the Australian newspaper in Melbourne, called The Age! Here's the link to the story: Storm in a cake cup. "A once humble bakery item is at the frenzied centre of an international craze, writes Emma Miller."

Week 31: Lemon Meringue Cupcakes and the Mini-Magnolia

This awesome cupcake recipe is from The Artful Cupcake by Marcianne Miller. It has four parts: make the cupcakes, stuff the cupcakes, meringue the cupcakes, and then you get to torch them! It all took quite a while but it was so much fun.

I made the cupcakes on Saturday night so that I could have at least one thing done. Then on Sunday, around 2;00 (earlier I had to make a visit to the Montgomery County Refuse Center (the dump) to get rid of all of our recycleables left over from this past week and then of course, I had to stop at Target to see what was going on there...I was there at least 2 hours roaming the aisles. I heard some lady talking on her cell phone that she was STILL in Target...I knew just what she meant. I was talking to my Mom on my cell phone while I was in Target and I felt someone pull my sleeve...it was someone from my office...I'm always meeting people I know in Target) anyway, back to the cupcakes. I really did follow the recipe except for this one thing. I made a pie crust and crumbled it up in the lemon curd so that there are bits on crust in it. I got this idea from the Pumpkin ice cream that the University of Maryland Dairy makes...they put pieces of pie crust in the ice cream and it is delicious!...So, I dug a little hole in the cupcakes and squirted in the lemon curd (with pie crust pieces) and then put the top back on. Then I made the meringue...which took quite a while to turn into meringue...and then I frosted the cupcakes.

The best part was fooling around with the torch! It only took a minute to figure out how to do it so that it didn't burn...but once or twice I had to blow out the fire on the cupcake. Then, at first I wasn't sure how to turn it off and I was basically pointing this torch around the kitchen (not even pointing at the cupcake anymore) looking for the off switch! The house is still standing and all the meringue goo has cleaned up nicely. They are really lucious!

Story Number 2: My brother, Jim, lives in Spokane, Washington, Unfortunatley, he is an ardent fan of the Gonzaga basketball team and whenever they play Maryland, we bet on the game. It happens that Maryland was playing the Zags on Monday, Nov. 21 in the Maui Classic. The bet was whoever loses has to make a dozen cupcakes and fed ex them overnight to the winner. He has been dying to get a hold of one of my cupcakes and I think he paid the team to play even better than they ever had to beat the Terps and they did!

I decided to make the Magnolia Bakery's vanilla cupcake recipe because it's one of my favorites and hard to mess up, too. I made their basic vanilla frosting recipe, turned it pink and added peppermint.mmmmm. It's really great! I've never fed ex'd overnight. I'll let you know how it goes.

With the left over batter, I made what I'm calling "Mini-Magolias." They turned out so cute! People at work: you don't get any of the minis...sorry, you have to be content with the Lemon Meringue Cupcakes. Download this recipe HERE

Way to Go Hostess: Hostess Race Divas Promote Cupcakes!

Guess what? I just read that Hostess Cupcakes is going to sponsor three of the top female professional race car drivers...who knew there were three??...the Hostess Race Divas...Danica Patrick (IRL), Leilani Munter (NASCAR), and Melanie Troxel (NHRA)...I am not a race car person but this might do it...to promote Twinkies and Hostess cupcakes!

"Starting in February, limited cupcake editions will feature the likeness of the trio on-pack and on in-store displays. A yearlong PR effort and a Tracks & Treats sweepstakes, still in development, support.

"Having grown up with Twinkies and Cupcakes, I am thrilled to have Hostess as a sponsor and to be part of the Hostess Race Divas program," said Danica Patrick, who has emerged as an international superstar of racing as the 2005 IRL Indy Car Series Rookie of the Year...from article in Brandweek.

This leads me right to my recent purchase...spontaneous purchase, that is...right at the cash register, that is...of my very own Hostess Twinkie Baking Set...for $19.95 at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I could not help myself from buying it. It comes with the 8 twinkie pan, a spatula, an icing injector, Twinkies container and a bonus recipe booklet. OMG! I really want to make the chocolate twinkies more than the vanilla, but I can see that this might become some sort of passion. Imagine, making your own twinkies! But, I don't see how I can do it before the weekend, what with Thanksgiving getting in the way and all...Maybe Saturday I can squeeze them in with this week's cupcakes. I can't wait!

Week 30: Black Bottom Cupcakes with Chocolate Glaze

Here's the story of my black bottom cupcake adventure...I actually started out making a cherry muffin earlier this morning. Note that it is now 1:20 a.m....well, they really sucked so I threw them out...then I had some other stuff to do today and kind of put off thinking about my alternative cupcake...hmmm...when I got back from going out to dinner (really good food at this place in Gaithersburg, MD, called The Nibbler...we always eats Ropa (or as our family calls it, the Rope). Anyway, back to the cupcake...around 9:00 tonight I decided to make a stawberry cupcake. I remembered that I had seen a large carton of strawberries in the fridge earlier in the day. Around 9:30 I went to get the strawberries and they had disappeared...food does that around here.

Back to square 1...so, around 9:48 to be exact I decided I better head for Fresh Go (which closes at 10:00) and get the ingredients for the Black Bottom Cupcake...I was lacking cream cheese and gingersnaps. Lucky for me I made it to the store with about 5 minutes to spare. Of course, I had to pick up a couple of other things and soon I heard the voice on the loudspeaker say that everyone should come to the cash register NOW, because we are CLOSED! Who do you think was at the cash register with me? No one..well, just me and the checkout kid. The doors locked tight at 10:00. I had to exit thru the in door. Embarrassing? Yes, but at least I had my gingersnaps! Needless to say, I have no pride and advance planning is not one of my strengths! Now I get to go to bed....

Recipes will appear (magically), if you click HERE.

Week 29: Malted Milk Cupcakes with Chocolate Fudge Frosting

What could be better than malted milk and cupcakes? I love malts...and these cupcakes were sooooo easy to make, and really fun, too! It's a recipe from 125 Best Cupcake Recipes by Julie Hasson. The frosting is called "Chocolate Fudge," and it almost tastes like it! I added a malted milk ball to the top of each cupcake. And, since we had a birthday in our house today, I added the candle...

When I went to the Safeway early this morning to do my cupcake material shopping, I couldn't believe the crowded parking lot...not normal. It seemed pretty busy inside, too. Shortly I found out why...more than 50 people in line for flu shots...at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. Unfortunately for the late-comers, there were only 50 doese of shots! But, some really funny things happened while I was there...Over the loudspeaker, someone announced...Nelly. Nelly. Tell the nurse she has a call from her SUPERVISOR right now! One can only imagine what that was about! The next announcement was made by a guy. He said: Ted, if you're here, call Dave on 149. If you're not here, don't call! Now, that was funny!

Recipes will appear (magically) if you click HERE.

Week 28: Carrot-Ginger Cupcakes with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

What I learned making these cupcakes: How to make marzipan carrots and crumble up chocolate wafers to have them look a bit dirty (fresh out of the garden, that is!)...it was pretty fun to do this part and the carrots turned out so tiny and cute! I was very VERY happy...definitely reminded me of my childhood playing with PLAY_DOH®...who can resist that? The rest of the recipe was pretty easy...grating the fresh ginger made the whole kitchen smell great...or should I say grate?? You do have to grate a lot of carrots, but it's definitely worth it!

And, the Cream Cheese Orange Frosting...divine! It has orange zest AND grated ginger in it. The cupcakes can be kept up to 3 days, but it's my guess that they won't make it more than 24 hours, if that!

Recipes will appear (magically), if you click HERE.

Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook!!!

I bought Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook today...Oh BOY! I'm going to spend the evening reading (salivating over) it..I can't wait! It has sections on General Baking Tips, General Baking Equipment, General Baking Techniques...as well as these chapters: 1. Simple Baked; 2. Cookies; 3. Cakes; 4. Pies, Tarts, Cobblers and Crisps; 5. Yeasted Baked Goods; and 6. Pastries.

There are four cupcake recipes: Maple-Walnut Cupcakes, Carrot-Ginger Cupcakes, One-bowl Chocolate Cupcakes, and White Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream. And, the photos are awesome!

Pincushion Cupcake Taped Door Opens Other Doors!

This is the photo that I found taped to my door this morning when I got to work...so cute~I do not crochet or knit...but, I do know a cupcake when I see one! And the person who left this also left a note that said: "I will learn to make this!" It was signed "Cupcake Groupie"...Oh Yeah!

A little later, someone else who had seen the little cupcake pincushion photo stuck to my door wanted to know how to make one, too. So I did some investigation on the web and found the link to the directions on the Good Housekeeping website.

That's how I found out about the book that it came from. It's Kids Crochet : Projects for Kids of All Ages by Kelli Ronci, who, it happens, was the former Martha Stewart Living assistant holiday and crafts editor, and did cool stuff like this Sugar Cube House with Kelli. You just never know where the web is going to lead!

Halloween Cupcake Eaters

Check out the some of the people in my office eating the Halloween cupcakes:

Halloween Cupcake Eaters!

Week 27: Halloween Cupcakes!

These cupcakes are from Cupcakes from the Cake Mix Doctor by Anne Byrn. They are called Jelly Doughnut Cupcakes. I was looking for something that would look like blood to stuff in them, so I used strawberry jelly.

For the frosting, I used Martha Stewart's "Vanilla Buttercream." It tastes sooooo good!

I had the most fun yesterday going to Wegman's in Fairfax, Va., where I found all kinds of candies to decorate with...But, back to the cupcakes again. The thing that took the longest was actually putting the first layer (foundation) of frosting before you get started with the decorating! I made 36 cupcakes and this part took me about a 15 minutes. I started with the photos in Martha Stewart's Kid's magazine and then spun off that. Then I decorated about 24 of the cupcakes, each in a different way...they became like little cupcake people (I know...they're a wierd bunch!)...but it was really fun.

You can see more photos of my Halloween cupcakes at flickr.

Download recipe Here (PDF)

Killer Cupcakes Make Comeback

Here's a newspaper article about "cupcakeries" or "cupcake boutiques ....includes some cute ideas for Halloween cupcakes and recipes, too!

So, did you watch Sugar Rush last night? What did you think?

Oh Boy! Cake Love Man's New Show "Sugar Rush" Begins Tonight!

Warren Brown visits sweet shops nationwide at 9:30 p.m. (ET/PT) on the Food Network. The show is called Sugar Rush. Here's the description of tonight's show!

"Join host Warren Brown, owner of the bakery Cake Love in Washington DC, when he meets award-winning pastry chefs to discover the tips and tricks behind incredible desserts. As a lawyer turned baker, Warren is truly passionate about finding handcrafted sweets with fabulous ingredients. From designer cookies to decadent truffles, four -foot tall cakes to flaming tableside treats, Sugar Rush showcases the most sinful, the most artistic, and the most theatrical desserts on the planet, complete with tips and recipes from Warren himself."--The Food Network

Donna Hay Magazine Responds--Cupcake Liners

Early in October Niki suggested that I write to Donna Hay Magazine about the cute cupcake liners (see photo)...Lucy (Market Editor and Stylist for Donna Hay Magazine wrote back tonight! Here's what she said:

"The paper cases you are asking about are imported from France, I think they say something in French!?!
They also have a waxy finish which helps them keep there shape.
A fan of yours Niki was correct, they were originally purchased from Supply and Demand, but they no longer stock them...
You could try an Australian Company called Essential Ingredient. They have a website www.theessentialingredient.com.au , though it's not very detailed. You could contact them.
You could also try www.bakerysugarcraft.com.au.
I tried googling some other patisserie suppliers, but wasn't able to find that many.
Let me know if you need any more assistance... or even if you find them... we'd love to use them again.
Keep up the baking!"

Anthropogie Cupcake Ornaments!

I was at Anthropologie at Tysons Corners (VA) this past weekend and I had just made the comment to someone that I hoped I could find some cupcake ornaments for Christmas. I turned around and there they were...I bought this one!

Here a two from their website...little knitted ornaments...Very cute! Also, I don't know Surcie (except thru blogging), but I just found out that she was at the Anthropologie store in Tysons this weekend and saw the ornaments, too!

Week 26: Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Fudge Frosting...Half Way There

It's Week 26...only 26 more weeks to go. It's hard to believe these weeks have gone by so quickly! I don't believe it myself...I find myself already thinking about what I'm going to do when the 52 weeks are up...cookies?? pizza?? I have no idea....This cupcake is your basic vanilla version. And the frosting is from Sara Neumeier's cupcakes YEAR ROUND...it's called Chocolate Fudge Frosting and is very fudgy...mmmmmm

I went to Michaels and bought some fondant for the circles on top and the numbers. Buying it was a lot faster than making it like I did that one time. Here are some of the cupcakes I've made during the 26 weeks: it all started with the coconut cupcake, afterthat, espresso cupcakes, Oh Baby! Cupcakes, Lemon Butter Muffins with Lemon Glaze, Chocolate Souffle Cupcakes, The Best Birthday Cupcake, Chocolate Marshmellow with Chocolate Drizzle, Chocolate Marshmellow Cupcake, Lemonade Stand Cupcake, The Snowball Cupcake...Whew...and that's only 11 of them!

I think I have been waiting to get thru this weekend just to get over the hump of 6 months...now I can really concentrate on Halloween! Here's a hint of what my cupcakes are going to be about next week...this is the front of the spider/lady....

This is the back of the spider/lady....i can't wait!

Week 25: fruity, nutty harvest cupcakes

All of a sudden fall has arrived in Washington, D.C....a little cold and windy, too. The temperature started to drop yesterday afternoon, on the way back from a wedding in Baltimore. That's when I remembered this really cool recipe in Elinor Klivan's cupcakes! book. It is a cupcake that evokes fall feeling all by itself...the colors, the aroma, the beauty of it!

Oh, something really funny happened about that wedding. I was going with a collegue of mine, Margaret, who like me is on the creative side and both of us are a bit mindless about details like directions...and could not find our invitations with the directions and other important info. Oh well. I remembered three things about the location: it was in Baltimore, at a castle, and it was on Falls Road. I googled it and found the directions, so we were golden! It said it was about 50 miles from my house. We left home at 9:30 a.m. for an 11:00 a.m. wedding. We actually got to the castle at 10:45..plenty of time to spare. We walked up and a few people were there. We went inside and signed the guest book and while Margaret was in the bathroom someone handed me a little bottle of bubbles and a program. I was looking around for someone I knew and glanced down at the program.

Uh Oh...it read Amelilia Brittany Libernini...Yikes...it should have been Melissa Sweeney (our colleague)...OMG! We were at the wrong castle! Forcing a calmness I didn't have, I casually went outside and called a couple of people also supposed to be at the wedding, but got no answer. Finally, I tried my boss. She answered right away and all I said was "we're lost!" I just couldn't admit that we had gone to the wrong castle....Well, we arrived 1/2 hour late, but luckily, the wedding was late, too. Here's what happened. It turns out that there are TWO castles on Falls Road in Baltimore...only a couple of miles apart (who would have known?)! One is called Cloisters Castle and the other is called Maryvale Castle. WE WERE WEDDING CRASHERS...this became the biggest laugh at the wedding...but it did lead to a very nice cupcake recipe, in the end!

Download the recipe: Week 25: Harvest Cupcakes PDF

Featured on Inside My Yahoo!

On Thursday 52 Cupcakes was chosen on my.yahoo.com as the featured RSS content feed for Yahoo’s incredible newsfeed aggregator. I couldn't figure out where all the traffic was coming from for a while. It was amazing. Over 10,000 hits in 24 hours! WOW!