Maryland-made Cupcake Queen's Cupcakes Delivered to Spokane, WA

This is the photo that my brother just sent me when he received the Gonzaga vs Maryland bet payoff by fed ex this afternoon. He's never had a Cupcake Queen cupcake before, so that was the wager. The entire dozen cupcakes arrived unscathed (3000 miles) and were being enjoyed by the folks in his office. (I told him he better save 2 to take home to his wife and kid or he'd be killed!)

If you don't know what this is about, read the Week 31 entry below. It's all about college basketball! Gotta go. Maryland is getting ready to play Minnesota in just a few minutes! FEAR THE TURTLE, BABY!


  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    What was it about the way you packed them that kept them safe and sound?

  2. So they arrived from that LONG journey unharmed huh? Pretty impressive, considering they were iced before shipping right?? that must have been some packing job you did. What's your secret?

  3.'s what I did: I went to the Container Store and got 2 or 3 boxes to try out because I wasn't sure what was going to work. Another thing I got was a glass divider pack that they had for when your moving and you want to pack your glasses...I thought that might help separate the cupcakes. One of the boxes was like a shirt box (I think that it was 9 x 14. Another box was a shipping type box that was a little bigger than the shirt box. I figured that I could put the shirt box in that.

    I put all 12 of the cupcakes in the shirt box...put parchment paper on the bottom and up the sides. Then I cut (from the moving glasses material) 12 and 8 inch long cardboard strips and put them. Here's a photo of what the open box looks like this. I used black and white checked tissue paper to decorate the box.

    The cupcakes were iced when sent so I put parchment paper on top of them, closed the box, which was pretty tight fit...they didn't move at all. Then I put that box into the next box and packed it with the Washington Post so that it was totally filled up. Taped everything three times and shipped it fed ex overnight! The funny thing is that the was a day late because there was a snow storm when my borther lives and the airport was closed for a while!

  4. Hi, It's Eggy from
    I wanted to let you know that I just tagged you for a meme on My Top Ten Favorite Foods. I've been reading your blog a bit and I think it's fab! Hope you have time to do it. I'm curious to see what your favorite foods are.

  5. A Spokane connection! This is so great.

    Thanks for the tips on shipping the little guys. I might just have to give it a try.

  6. How do I buy a cupcake?