Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook!!!

I bought Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook today...Oh BOY! I'm going to spend the evening reading (salivating over) it..I can't wait! It has sections on General Baking Tips, General Baking Equipment, General Baking well as these chapters: 1. Simple Baked; 2. Cookies; 3. Cakes; 4. Pies, Tarts, Cobblers and Crisps; 5. Yeasted Baked Goods; and 6. Pastries.

There are four cupcake recipes: Maple-Walnut Cupcakes, Carrot-Ginger Cupcakes, One-bowl Chocolate Cupcakes, and White Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream. And, the photos are awesome!

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  1. A new bakebook is always exciting. Looking forward to hearing how it goes!