Pincushion Cupcake Taped Door Opens Other Doors!

This is the photo that I found taped to my door this morning when I got to cute~I do not crochet or knit...but, I do know a cupcake when I see one! And the person who left this also left a note that said: "I will learn to make this!" It was signed "Cupcake Groupie"...Oh Yeah!

A little later, someone else who had seen the little cupcake pincushion photo stuck to my door wanted to know how to make one, too. So I did some investigation on the web and found the link to the directions on the Good Housekeeping website.

That's how I found out about the book that it came from. It's Kids Crochet : Projects for Kids of All Ages by Kelli Ronci, who, it happens, was the former Martha Stewart Living assistant holiday and crafts editor, and did cool stuff like this Sugar Cube House with Kelli. You just never know where the web is going to lead!


  1. How cute - a "real life" groupie! :)

    Keep up the good work Cupcake Queen!

  2. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Can't seem to find the link to download the recipe for week 26? (Vanilla w/ chocolate fudge). Pleeeasse.=)

  3. *sigh* NOW I really wish I would have stuck with that whole "learning to knit" kick I was on last

    and the groupie awesome is that!! so cool u have a groupie..more than 1 I'm sure lol

  4. Anonymous12:59 AM

    I got the directions and a friend and I each made a cupcake. Except for a bit of confusion towards the end. it worked out very well. And the pincushions turned out just CUTE! That's for the neat blog site.