Fire Up the Grill for Hamburger Cupcakes!

Saw these on the web and couldn't resist trying them. They were actually very easy to put together.
And, the funny thing is that everyone thought they were real "sliders"...your eyes tell you they are really hamburgers!

You make 12 white cakemix cupcakes and 12 chocolate cakemix cupcakes. When baked, you cut the top off the white cupcake...and the bottom, essentially leaving the middle to be eaten asap. Then you make the "hamburger" part with the middle of the chocolate cupcake.

The lettuce, catsup and cheese are colored frosting!

Just look up "hamburger cupcakes" in google and you'll find the recipe. It was lots of fun!

Hope you have a great week...rock on, CQ

Cupcake Queen Interviewed by Maryland Newsline!

Surcie and Peggy: Thanks for your kind words!

Cupcake Queen was interviewed a couple of weeks ago by Tamra Tomlinson from Maryland Newsline. Here's the link to Tamra's article:

And, this is the video that Tamra shot showing the set up of the 50,000 cupcakes here the night before Maryland Day...Tamra's graduating today from the School of Journalism!

Thanks for the interview, Tamra. I really enjoyed meeting you.

Rock on, CQ

Move That Cupcake!

This was just for fun...little people moving cupcakes. I found these guys at the hobby store.

Then I made Lemon Ancho Chile Cupcakes with Vanilla Lemon Frosting....I dug out the middle of the cupcake and put in a spoonful of lemon curd. It was quite a combination!

Then I took everything out to my driveway and created the scene. It was so much fun!

Here are the boys all finished loading the cupcakes onto the tray!

And, of course, here is Layla...being stoic...and what a good girl she is!

Have a great week....Rock On!


Twin Cupcakes Welcome Anna and Logan to the Cupcake World!

My colleague and buddy, Brian (above) and his wife, Angie, recently had twin kidlets Anna and Logan...they...the babies...that is, are still in the NICU.

I heard from Brian that Angie likes yellow cupcakes...and I got inspired to make "twin cupcakes" for the new mom!

The twins were born on April 28th! They should be ready to go home in a couple of weeks.

Here's a link to the twins' web site...their dad, Brian, is a computer geek...the twins even have a blog! Brian is the best video editor I've ever worked with...and he has a sense of humor just like mine! Yikes....

Have a great week...and remember...Happy Mother's Day...and ROCK ON!


Rocky Road Cupcakes with Starbucks Mocha Dark Chocolate Frosting for May Birthdays!

#1 BIRTHDAY IN MY BOOK: My Mom...She is 85 years young to day...pictured with Nigel!

So many May Birthdays! Mom, Carol Ann, Margaret, Dianne, Rick and Harry (Catherine's french bulldog!). The sugar cookies were made from a Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix (they recently sponsored a cookie recipe contest called "Bake Life Sweeter")...very easy to use and quick to make.

This fellow only has eyes for Rocky Road Cupcakes with Starbucks Mocha Dark Chocolate Frosting!

I used Starbuck's new Mocha Dark Chocolate: "rich, dark chocolate meets the citrus and cocoa notes of Guatemala Cai Cielo coffee for a delightfully sublime indulgence" gave the frosting a rich, deep flavor!

This is Harry's very own cupcake...but of course, he can't eat dogs were harmed during the photo shooting of these cupcakes!

Rock On~