Today is Chris' Birthday! Go Chris and Go Pitt!

Hi should be receiving these cupcakes today, March 16!

Chocolate with vanilla frosting!!
We hope that you have a GREAT! birthday...

Chris and his family...Steph, Sam and in Pittsburgh...he's a great guy...sort of a Superman type, he is my nephew, afterall...if you see him today, wish him Happy Birthday from the CQ!

Rock On and have a great week!


White Chocolate Turtles Top Vanilla Vanilla Cupcakes and Ancho Chili Chocolate Cupcakes for Two Terps Wedding

This was my first experience at making cupcakes for a wedding! 24 DOZEN! And, it turned out to be a great experience for me. Above you see the "wedding cupcake." I also made 24 dozen cupcakes...6 dozen vanilla vanilla cream cheese cupcakes with white chocolate frosting and 6 dozen chocolate ancho chili cupcakes with vanilla vanilla frosting.

This was very much a Maryland Terrapin event...the wedding was in the Memorial Chapel at UM. And, the reception was at the Newton White Mansion in Mitchellville, MD. Our mascot, Testudo, was in attendance!

The colors were...of, black and white! Half the cupcakes had red liners and the other half had black liners.

Here I am just before we loaded the cupcakes into the back of the jetta!

Hope you have a great weekend...Happy baking!