Week 32: Candy Cane Cupcakes with Candy Cake Frosting

This the first in a series of three holiday-themed cupcakes: Candy Cane Cupcakes, based on a chocolate cupcake recipe by Emeril. The frosting is a vanilla frosting recipe I found on the web and I added crushed up candy canes to the frosting before mixing and then sprinkled somemore on top after frosting.

The second picture is James...one of my home-based cupcake testers...He wanted to eat it all in one bite but I didn't think that I could capture that event on my digital camera. So, I asked him to do it in two bites. This is his first bite! He really is a great eater!

Go to this set on my flickr account to see more of the Candy Cane Cupcake photos at HERE. Here is the RECIPE!


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    I'm so copying you on this one! I've been looking for a recipe that involved crushed candy cane in the icing. Whoo hoo, I'm excited!

  2. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Is it weird if I plan my breakfast on Monday mornings around our weekly cupcake treats? You know, I'll pass on the bagels 'cause they can't hold a candle to a Cupcake Queen creation. And nix the oatmeal, 'cause that would fill me up, not leaving adequate room for a cupcake. Don't even talk about getting a donut. Not even a Krispy Kreme straight from the oven could...um, well. Ok, maybe just that. But nothing else!

  3. YUMMOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. First, I LOVE your blog and follow religiously.
    Second, this is THE best cupcake I've had in forever. The frosting was sooooo good and can be improvised to create other variations equally delicious. SOOOOO fantastic! Thanks for sharing!