Week 26: Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Fudge Frosting...Half Way There

It's Week 26...only 26 more weeks to go. It's hard to believe these weeks have gone by so quickly! I don't believe it myself...I find myself already thinking about what I'm going to do when the 52 weeks are up...cookies?? pizza?? I have no idea....This cupcake is your basic vanilla version. And the frosting is from Sara Neumeier's cupcakes YEAR ROUND...it's called Chocolate Fudge Frosting and is very fudgy...mmmmmm

I went to Michaels and bought some fondant for the circles on top and the numbers. Buying it was a lot faster than making it like I did that one time. Here are some of the cupcakes I've made during the 26 weeks: it all started with the coconut cupcake, afterthat, espresso cupcakes, Oh Baby! Cupcakes, Lemon Butter Muffins with Lemon Glaze, Chocolate Souffle Cupcakes, The Best Birthday Cupcake, Chocolate Marshmellow with Chocolate Drizzle, Chocolate Marshmellow Cupcake, Lemonade Stand Cupcake, The Snowball Cupcake...Whew...and that's only 11 of them!

I think I have been waiting to get thru this weekend just to get over the hump of 6 months...now I can really concentrate on Halloween! Here's a hint of what my cupcakes are going to be about next week...this is the front of the spider/lady....

This is the back of the spider/lady....i can't wait!


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Congratulations! And thank you for bringing us so much joy every Monday morning. I think the next 52 weeks should focus on how to work off the calories of the previous 52...


  2. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Who gets to eat all these, anyway?

  3. surcie: I bring the cupcakes I make on Sunday to my office at the University of Maryland on every Monday morning (for the past 26 weeks)...cupcakeluv (see above) is usually waiting breathlessly for the cupcakes to arrive because she missed being there one Monday and she was very sad. I bring 12 into my office and 6 for our VP's office. They are all a great bunch...AND...they love to eat!

  4. Anonymous7:49 PM

    FYI: I was at the Anthropologie store at Tyson's Galleria and they have the cutest cupcake ornaments--glittery glass ones as well as the knit (or crocheted?) variety.

  5. Surcie: I can't believe that you were at Tysons this weekend. I was, too. I bought one of the cupcake ornaments and posted it on my flikr account and Rachel posted it up on the "Cupcakes Take the Cake" blog! I"m going to post it right now.