Skull and Crossbone Cupcake Tattoos Win CQ Over!

I found a fantastic new product at Michael's last week: The Duff (Ace of Cakes) Goldman Collection that features more than 70 products, including fun decorating supplies like fondant, frosting, baking pans...and wait for it...cake tattoos!!!

That's what the skull and crossbones is from...edible can see that Layla was intrigued!

You can find all of the great "Duff" products at your local Michaels store. Go there. The online version doesn't do it justice!

The tattoos were very easy to work can use them on cakes and cupcakes and templates are provided.

Layla says go there now!!

See you soon!

CQ and Layla
p.s. CQ Meets Ace of Cakes...when he visited the University of Maryland.


  1. so nice! looks awesome!

  2. Your blofg TASTE SWEET :-P

    Nice blog!

  3. so cute! I will have to look out for these!

  4. These tattoos look really fun. I can't wait to find them. I was hoping that Michael's would expand their cupcake selections....and now I guess this answers my question :) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very cool! I'll be checking them out as well - Thanks!

  6. I likes cakes very much and therefore I am going to try out your recipies-"cakes are the best"

  7. LOVE DUFF. Those cupcakes are so cute.
    Just found your blog-loving it.

  8. GREAT blog!
    Those cupcakes are awesome <3

    I am your newest follower!

  9. I am new to your blog (love it BTW) - I just bought the exact same tatoos at Michaels last week! They were my back up plan for a pirate birthday party I was doing. Luckily my Half Open Treasure Chest cake worked out. A LOT more work but well worth it when I saw the birthday boy's face :-0

    I also saw you have a gadget that makes holes in your cupcakes - what is it called and where did you get it? You may have said in your posting, but somehow I was reading your blog in french and since I don't speak french...

  10. Those look really cool!!