Am I (CUPCAKE) Crazy?

I feel like I'm obsessed by cupcakes! I just had to write it down...even now I'm thinking about which one I'll make this weekend. Does anyone else feel like this?


  1. Anonymous7:20 PM

    i have just recently caught the cupcake bug & i think about eating & making them a bit much. i find myself just looking at cupcake photos & recipes online an awful lot!
    they are phenomenal. they can be pretty or adorable, elegant or dressed down. they have lots of personality & charisma.

  2. Anonymous12:51 PM

    I, too, have cupcake fever. I think about them constantly, and peruse the internet looking for sites with pretty pictures and recipes - such as yours. I have some of the books you mentioned, and can't seem to put them down. Already, this week, I've made cupcakes twice.

  3. I feel exactly the same way. I look at cupcakes and think about cupcakes all day long.

  4. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I don't have cupcake fever yet but I am ever ready to eat them! Which cupcake cookbook and/or recipe is your fave so far?

  5. I am definitely a cupcake crazy! I love them. They are such a great portable sweet treat!

  6. Anonymous5:44 AM

    i've baked cupcakes once this week and shall do it again tomorrow!

    It's really sedap! (delicious, in Malay)

    your site gave me ideas and motivation to create my very own cupcakes for my brother's wedding. thank you ever so much!

    cheers from Singapore.

  7. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Don't stop!

    BTW, do you use silicone cupcake thingies?

  8. No. It's just a selfless passion! Think of all that cupcake love you're spreadin'!

    I love that you're doing this. Well done!

  9. I just stumbled across your blog page and found it quite interesting. You know the crazy feeling you have with cupcakes. I kind of have that with Mexican food! I know... doesn't really relate but I dream of how I can make a better nacho! Hats off to 52 cupcakes.

  10. I tried the silicone cupccake holders and I didn't like them at all so I haven't used them any more!

  11. Count me in on being Cupcake Crazy. Hey, there are worse things! ;)

  12. My mother made blueberry cupcakes when I was growing up. It was a welcome treat when the normal bacon and eggs breakfast before school--although enjoyable--was replaced with blueberry cupcakes.

    There's nothing like a hot blueberry cupcake with a glass of ice cold milk, with mom smiling in the background.

    She died on Mother's Day 2003 after a long fight with cancer.

    The only cupcake in my life these days is my green-eyed, long-lashed, wife, Marie. She doesn't make cupcakes, and that's OK with me.

  13. Anonymous4:33 PM

    I am simply in love with them... not only are the cute, yummy and quite fashionable but the are a girls best friend (they replaced diamonds) :) I am even thinking about starting my own bakery, any ideas?