All Things Cupcake...You, Too, Can Have a Cupcake Welcome Mat!

I was checking up on "All Things Cupcake" today and I found some goodies!

This is pretty cool...It's a cupcake box to give someone a cupcake in! Here's the description: "Ivory cupcake box with simple linen design is great for packaging cupcakes. Boxes have hinged lids and are collapsable for quick and easy assembly. Box size: 7cm x 7cm x 7xm. Boxes are also available in white. Ribbon and cupcake are not included." You can find it at

Now how cute is this door mat?? It's being auctioned on EBay (the UK version)...bidding goes until May 12th! Go for it!

And then I found this adorable duvet cover through a web site called Kelkoo...You can also get curtains, a light fixture, some cushions, and decorative stickers!

A new cupcake book that doesn't seem to be available here yet...Cupcakes and Fairy Cakes...from the Australian Women's Weekly...Here's one review: "Cupcakes are wonderful for afternoon tea of course, but these splendid and original little cakes should be given a much bigger role than that. Serve them as a special dessert at a chic dinner party (a different cupcake for each guest) or make a loved one (adult or child) a cupcake as a birthday cake. While the cupcakes in this book look like little works of art, the instructions on making them are clear and undaunting."

And, last...but definitely not I know this is random, but these things are called ...seriously... Cleavage Cupcakes joke...they even come with a recipe:

"Cleavage Cupcakes are plump little 'pick-me-ups', pop them in and they will leave you 'perfectly risen'
one size fits all clear in colour, real in feel

Cupcakes Recipe (serves 2)
1. Remove soft gel inserts from box
2. Layer gel insert into bra or bathing suit sliding gently into place directly underneath breast,
3. Repeat.
4. Watch cup rise. Serve hot."

Now, these folks know how to make cupcakes!


  1. Anonymous5:30 PM

    hee hee! I have a bra that has little air pockets that look like this- I have to say, it's my fave!

  2. Anonymous6:15 PM the "bra cakes".

  3. interesting!!
    i want to eat.

  4. What a marketing ploy- "cleavage cupcakes". I bet they sell alot just for the uniqueness of the idea.

  5. Wow. Cleavage Cupcakes.

    Here from Michele's.

  6. Too bad I didn't have those when I could have used them (50 years ago...LOL).

    Congratulations on being Michele's site of the day!

  7. oh my god, are you trying to kill me? they all look so yummy!

    michele sent me today, but i'll be back. :)

  8. Love that lastCupcake recipe! Very funny. What a delightful site this is! Congratulations btw n being Michele's site of the day! Have fun Meeting & Greeting!

  9. Hi, Michelle sent me. The cupcakes look delicious, I didn't know about your site before.
    I think you might have trouble with the recipes from the Australian book. I'm not sure if the flour is different in different countries or something, but in New Zealand I find that NZ & Australian recipes work well and US & Brit ones don't. So, if you get the book, you might want to just steal flavour ideas from it, but use your own basic recipes.

  10. I had no idea there was so much to cupcakes! Michele sent me.

  11. Who would have thought that you could do a whole blog on cupcakes -- interesting -- Congrats on being SOTD -- Michele says Hi!!

  12. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Those Derby cupcakes look really good! I never knew there was so much 'out there' for the cupcake lover..and what a fun and interesting blog you have!
    Congrats on being SOTD!
    Hello, Michele sent me!

  13. mmmm....cupcakes...

    Here from Michele's today!

  14. Cupcakes for my "girls." Gotta love that.

    Hi - Michele sent me! I can't stay long, all these yummy cupcakes will go straight to my belly pooch. :(

  15. Wow you are a cupcake queen! This is making me hungry too. But I'm not a cupcake queen, so I have to do without. ;)

    Congrats on being sotd..Here from Michele's!

  16. Anonymous10:31 AM

    oooh, all cupcakes, all the time! Love your blog! Hi, Michele sent me :-)

  17. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Congrats on SOTD...and THANKS for making me hungry first thing in the morning! What a neat, happy site...glad I visited...

    from Michele's, that is!!!

  18. hum... cupcakes... I need some NOW !!

    Michele sent me !

  19. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I love your site....who doesn't adore cupcakes!
    Congrats on site of the day....Michele said hello.

  20. Lol the cupcake cleavage recipe made em laugh so hard!! Congratulations on being site of the day! Michele sent me

  21. Those cleavage cupcakes are adorable! Must have!

    Here from Michele's.

  22. Lovely cupcakes, er, all of them!

    Here from Michele, congratulations on site of the day!

  23. I'm liking the cleavage cupcakes as well! Congratulations on site of the day. Michele sent me!

  24. Very cute! Congrats on being Michele's site of the day. Enjoy the fame and fortune!

  25. congratulations on being michele's site of the day!!

    a few years ago when i was still thin, i had an insensitive boyfriend who bought me a "water bra" the gel filled cups looked just like these cupcake ones, but the water/gel had a "realistic feel". insensitive jerk got dumped, adn that bra helped me pick up a cutie! i mean, i would never wear another bra like that (innocent smile).

  26. Anonymous3:36 PM

    I do like that door-mat...I may go check it out!!

    Here from Michele's! Congrats on your site of the day status!

  27. This visit made me hungry!

    Congrats on being the SOTD.

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  28. Congrats on SOTD at Micheles. She sent me. Nice to meet you.

  29. Here from Michele.
    Love the look of the mint julep cakes for the derby. I bet they were tasty. Also the duvet would be so adorable for a little girl. Sniff! Mine just turned 20 and wouldn't be caught dead with one like this.
    And those bra cupcakes... oh, my!

  30. I found a few more I wanted to share with you.

  31. Anonymous1:43 AM

    That doormat is SO cute!!

    Thought you might enjoy seeing a couple things I have made. :)

    Cupcake totes:

    and a cupcake baby quilt:

    LOVE the site, I've been reading for ages! You inspired me to make these:

    and I'm SO happy to hear your unbiased review of the Billy's Bakeshop vanilla-vanilla cupcake recipe, it looked fantastic when he made them on Martha but you never know. Based on your review, though, I'm trying those next!

    XO Jenny

  32. How strange, the UK version of the AWW cupcakes book is different from the Australian version (which can be seen here:

    Regarding the different ingredients or flour in different hemispheres, I haven't had much problem. But US cupcakes taste different from the Aus/NZ kind. Different strokes for different... er, countries I guess. Aus cupcakes aren't as sweet, or as big, or as cakey and intense as US cupcakes. But both are good in my book.

  33. Anonymous5:55 AM

    love your site. Have you seen the cupcake boxes from I-Candi in the UK as well? they do them in like 25 different different colours... thought you might like to know! am off to get myself some cupcake cleavage now - my man loves my baking so i suspect he may like this idea too!! thanks for a great site.

    btw, i have no idea who michelle is and she didn't send me - i found you doing a cupcake box search :) lauren xox