Milky Way Cupcakes for Frenchie Picnic...Bulldogs, That Is!

How can you resist that face? This weekend we had the great experience of attending our first French Bulldog picnic held annually by Karen and Jeff Robertson of Rock N' Roll Frenchies near Shamokin, Pa.. It was so much fun...there were at least 25 Frenchies there!

I made Milky Way cupcakes...both chocolate and vanilla...another fun and easy recipe to try out!

Layla was present for the frosting of the you can see. She actually ate one when we weren't was one of those crazy Friday nights trying to do too many things at one time. You've been there, haven't you? Layla could not attend the picnic...she's an American Bulldog and only Frenchies were allowed!

This what they looked like when they went in the oven....I had just left the milk way bar on top and the batter covered it over a bit. it didn't sink that much.

And, this is what they looked like when they came out! When I did the chocolate batch I actually pushed the candy bar piece all the way down into the batter and it ended up at the bottom of the cupcake. I like the way the vanilla ones turned out better. Then I just put some nice vanilla frosting, sometimes combined with chocolate frosting, on top and we were ready for the picnic!

This is very happy, tired, French Bulldog...on his way home from the picnic. He was exhausted!

BTW, don't forget to enter the contest...the post below this one...It is over tomorrow (Wednesday night, October 4th at 11:59 p.m.!

Rock on, Cupcake Lovers~



  1. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Mmm. I think I need a glass of milk to go with this post.

  2. Yum!!! These look so SO good! Great idea - I'm going to add some Milky Way chunks to my next batch of Magnolia Bakery vanilla cupcakes! Yay! :)

  3. Must. squeeze. puppy. cheeks.

  4. Awww how great!!! I love it. I love English, French and American Bulldogs- like you said, how can you resist their faces?? So cute!

    Layla looks bummed in that picture though! Awww. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Thanks for making me drool on a regular basis, and for being such a great cupcake inspiration! I'm a big fan!!

  6. Anonymous5:31 PM

    i love your blog! because of you, i now want to start baking cupcakes

  7. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Simply love your cupcakes! I'm gonna start baking cupcakes too!

    from Singapore!

  8. I'm a vegan, but I will make those cupcakes for my mom!

  9. I often put a chopped up mars bar (like milky way) in brownies - works a treat.

  10. Anonymous3:47 PM

    chocolate is bad for dogs. it can kill them. but the idea is cute anyways.

  11. Frenchies inspire a cult following... as do cupcakes! Just found your blog. My mom has two frenchies and a sweet tooth, so I'll definitely be linking her!