Cupcake Queen Makes Cake! Terps Beat Duke..Again!

All I can say is "Let Them Eat Cake"....I don't know whether to write about the cake or the win...hmmmmm. Okay, it's the cake first! So, the Wilton cake decorating class we were taking is over :( ...last night was week four. We all brought cakes to decorate in our last class. We've enjoyed the most awesome teacher. Her name is Jalaika. She'll be teaching the second class we're taking in April. I decided to make my vanilla cake have two frostings...chocolate on one side and vanilla on the other...the only problem became was that then you have to eat two pieces, because you just can't decide which flavor you want...and, guess what? You don't have to just eat both!

Last night we finished learning how to make the's a three week process we built up to. And, we also learned how to make the ribbon bow and some leaves! It was a great class.

And, the other great thing that happened last night...the Cupcake Queen's Terps beat Duke...we were soooooo happy. So, I just had to post a couple of photos of our guys! They are so "red hot" right now. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that they keep winning. The contributions came from everywhere. Ibekwe also scored 17 points, freshman point guard Greivis Vasquez scored 13 points, had 12 assists and nine rebounds in 37 minutes! Go Terps...and don't forget to FEAR THE TURTLE!

Rock On!



  1. Okay. You're the queen of cupcakes and you like college basketball? I knew I was drawn to this blog for a reason! :) Great blog and congrats to the Terps. Anyone who enjoys seeing Duke lose is a friend of mine. Also, I've got a soft spot for Gary Williams. :)

  2. I took the same Wilton classes. They are really great and so affordable.

  3. Do not cry i can give you another cake:

    Bye and good work